Pregnancy Exercise Movement Suitable For 8 Months Pregnancy

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 14 November 2019

Pregnancy Exercise Movement Suitable For 8 Months Pregnancy

Doing exercise movement when at 8 month pregnancy becomes a simple way that is important to be done. This is intended to strengthen uterus muscles so it can help smooth the labor process. What Mom needs to know is pregnancy exercise intended to smooth the childbirth process so it’s really recommended for Mom to do light movements. The reason is, when the delivery process, the cervix can widen about 1-3 cm and when the baby's head comes out through the pelvic bone, automatically the cervix expand about 4-7 cm and the baby's head continues to press the cervix until it continues to expand until 8 -10 cm depending on the size of the baby’s head.

Exercise Movement for 8 months Pregnant Mom

Remembering the importance of pregnancy exercises for the labor process, so Mom is recommended to do pregnancy exercises before the time of delivery. With doing the pregnancy exercise routine and regularly, then the uterus muscle is trained and Mom can give birth smoothly. already summarized it for Mom about some of the pregnancy exercise moves that Mom can perform at home.

1. Butterfly Pose

Butterfly pose can be done to strengthen thigh muscle and eliminate back pain that often occurs when 8 months pregnant. Butterflies pose good to do for 15 minutes and repeat several times. How to do it, Mom can take a sitting position upright, then unites both feet in front. Press your knees until they touch the floor several times.

2. Sitting cross-legged

Next pregnancy exercise move is sitting cross-legged. Sitting cross-legged movement included as base movement. Mom can use a mattress for exercise. This move is quite easy because Mom just needs to sit down comfortably. Then, moving on with straighten your hands and let your palms stick to the floor. Here, Mom can try to regulate your breath well. In addition, Mom can also add some other light movements. Meanwhile, Mom is recommended to do this movement slowly and repeatedly.

3. Lie down normally

This movement can be done with lying down without burden near the wall. Pull Mom’s leg up to the wall then place your hands on the side of the body. Continue with relaxed and slow leg movements. During doing this movement, make sure Mom can also regulate breathing well.

4. Crawl

Crawl move can Mom do with taking a crawl position, then take your right hand to the front side. Do it together with the left foot that lift to the back side. Make sure to do it in the straight position, while keeping your view straight, and Mom can try to regulate the breath well. This move can be repeated on the different side.

5. Leaning Pose

Leaning poses can be practiced by Mom by taking a lean body position first. Then, lift your right leg to the upper front side, then keep the left side behind. Better, when Mom practices these exercise movements with a pregnancy age of 8 months you can use tools such as pillows.

6. Squat down Pose

In this pose, Mom can take a squat position with letting your legs stick to the floor. Stretch a little and let your hands meet each other, much like someone who is doing namaste, place it right in front of your chest. Do it while regulating your breath and keep the movement for 10 seconds only.

There are 6 exercise movements for 8 months pregnant Mom or approaching childbirth. Besides doing pregnancy exercise, Mom also has to fulfill the daily nutrients with nutritious foods that contain lots of protein, carbohydrates, calcium, folate, iron and vitamins.

Always take care of your health, Mom and have a smooth delivery. :)