5 Signs and Symptoms Mom will giving birth soon

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 3 January 2020

5 Signs and Symptoms Mom will giving birth soon

After a long waiting, finally Mom’s baby had already entering the last pregnancy week. For a Mom that having a first baby must be wondering how is it feels for giving birth, what kind of feeling, how long it’s going to take, and how to differentiate between the real contraction or the false one. The answer is hard to know, because every Moms have their own signs. Here are the reviews that could help Mom to know the signs of labor. Hope it will help.

  1. Changing in stomach that become sagging

    Usually for a pregnant mom who will give birth soon, she will feel the baby drops to the position that lower than Mom’s pelvis. In this position the baby’s head already below that ready to labor. This position makes Mom easier to breath because the decreasing of pressure in Mom’s diaphragm. But it gives more pressure to the pelvis and bladder that makes Mom will be taking frequent bathroom breaks.

  1. Strong and More frequent Contractions

    Approaching the last stage of pregnancy, Mom’s uterus will be ready for give labor. Strong and more frequent contractions make baby’s position becomes closer to the birth canal and helps push down the baby to be born in this world.

    There are differences between real contractions and the false one. These are called Braxton-Hicks contractions, named after the doctor who first described them. The differences are the real contractions happen 6 times every hour, stronger and rhythmic, and periodically stronger. The real contractions will never gone even though Mom changing position, moving around or even laying down.

  1. The water breaks

    The fetus that grow and develop in the Mom’s uterus protected by amniotic fluid. When it’s break, then the fetus will susceptible to get infection. Therefore, when the water broke, the doctor will immediately try to get the baby out from Mom’s womb.

  1. Pelvis Pain

    Towards the labor, Mom’s pelvis will get more painful. This is because the muscles and Mom’s joints are stretching and shifting for the labor process. Besides, because of the fetus position shifting down, Mom’s lower back and hip feel stiff and cramps. But, if the pain happen constantly and often, followed by fever, bleeding, and dehydrated, quickly check Mom’s pregnancy to a doctor.

  1. A lot of vaginal discharge

    The fetus position that go down more will press and stretch Mom’s cervix to prepare the fetus birth canal. During this process, the blockage at the cervix will release that triggers vaginal discharge.

    To make the fetus go to the birth canal faster, Mom could have done some of activities.Such as light physical activities to stimulate cervix opening, avoid sitting crossed-leg and squat down, sit on a birth ball to help baby to move down, and laying down on the left side with pillow tucked in between knees.

    If Mom doesn’t feel labor symptoms yet, don’t worry Mom. There are some cases of the pregnant Mom that missed estimated due date. Later, the doctor will do an action if Mom either need induction or C-section. Take care of Mom’s health so Mom have strength to face the labor.