Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does MoriCare+ mean?

Moricare+ means a synergy (combination) of proper nutrients from Multi Talented Intelligence, Multiple Body Defence, and Optimum Development Factors so that the children’s development is more optimum in order to be a Multitalented Platinum Generation.

What is the difference between MORINAGA Moricare+ and MORINAGA? Why is the price of MORINAGA Moricare+ much more expensive?

MORINAGA CHK Moricare+ is different because it is added with Body Growth factor which is the nutrient to optimize the children’s development.

How long can Morinaga Chil Kid’s milk last after being diluted in water?

Since Morinaga Chil Kid does not contain preservatives and usually bacteria can easily grow on diluted milk, we recommend that you dispose it after 2 hours.

How long can MORINAGA Chil Kid Platinum be consumed since opened?

Since MORINAGA Chil Kid Platinum does not contain preservatives, it should be consumed within 1 month after the packaging is opened, Moms. If it has been more than a month since opening, it is better to dispose the rest of the milk.
Canned packaging = a maximum of 1 month after the packaging is opened
Box packaging = a maximum of 2 weeks after the packaging is opened

Why MORINAGA Chil Kid is more yellowish? Is the protein made of egg yolk thus causing the children to be allergic?

Moms, the protein contained in milk is certainly coming from the milk, not from egg yolk.
>While the yellowish color is due to the heating process carried out during the milk production, so the color can turn out to be light or slightly dark yellow. This still falls under the standard application of a growth milk and certainly does not cause allergies to children who are allergic to eggs. However, children with cow’s milk protein allergy is advised to not consume Morinaga Chil Kid Platinum & Gold since the protein comes from cow’s milk. It is better for them to consume Morinaga Chil Kid Soya.

Is the content of AA and DHA in MORINAGA Chil Kid too high which causing children to become hyperactive and autistic?

The content of AA and DHA in MORINAGA Chil Kid is in accordance with the standard and provision set by the National Agency of Drug and Food Control. AA and DHA have nothing to do with Hyperactivity and Autism, Moms. They are not caused by certain food or nutrients, the exact cause is still uncertain but it is believed due to genetic abnormalities and environment.

Is it true that MORINAGA Chil Kid contains extra sugar? How much sugar is added?

Moms, MORINAGA Chil Kid contains Sucrose / granulated sugar in accordance with the predetermined standard. The Sucrose is only 3 grams / serving. The serving suggestion of MORINAGA Chil Kid is 3 times a day (540 ml) in which the total consumption is 9 grams. Based on WHO recommendations in 2015, additional sugar consumption should be limited to a maximum of 10% of the total daily calories. Based on the Nutrition Label References issued by the National Agency of Drug and Food Control, children aged 1-3 years need 1,125 calories, so the recommended maximum consumption of additional sugar is 112.5 calories / day (equivalent to 28 grams of sugar), which means the Sucrose consumption of MORINAGA Chil Kid is only about 30% of the maximum recommended sugar consumption limit.

Why does MORINAGA Chil Kid Platinum contain Probiotics?

Probiotics are good bacteria which beneficial for the health of the digestive tract. Healthy digestive tract will make the body to easily absorb the nutrients contained in MORINAGA Chil Kid (including Alpha-Lactalbumin, AA, DHA, vitamin, and mineral), then children will grow healthy, smart, and high in endurance.

What type of Bifido bacteria is added to MORINAGA Chil Kid Platinum?

Bifidobacterium longum (BB 536), Bifidobacterium breve (M-16 V), Bifidobacterium infantis (M-63V)

  • Bifidobacterium longum (BB 536) – can increase the nutrients absorption and prevent airway infections such as influenza and URI (Upper Respiratory Tract Infection).
  • Bifidobacterium breve (M-16 V) – effective in preventing allergies in children and is useful in preventing constipation, diarrhea, and other digestive tract infections.
  • Bifidobacterium infantis (M-63V) – helps maintain the digestive tract health so it can optimize the nutrients absorption while prevent and reduce allergy symptoms.

What is the difference between MORINAGA Chil Kid and Chil School?

The composition of MORINAGA Chil Kid is adjusted for children aged 1 – 3 years, while MORINAGA Chil School is for children aged above 3 years old.

If drinking MORINAGA Chil Kid in a day more than what is written on the tin, >3 cups, will it become an over consumption of vitamins and minerals?

The nutrients adequacy table is flexible. This means that children with a lot of activities will also require more nutrients than what is listed in the table.

What is the maximum age to consume MORINAGA Chil Kid?

Up to 3 years old. If the children still enjoy the Chil Kid, they can continue consuming it, since children aged above 3 years have followed the 4 healthy patterns of solid food and milk consumption to make it perfect. But if they need high-energy milk, they can consume MORINAGA Chil School.

Can MORINAGA Chil Kid be mixed with Chil School?

You can, since both of them are milk, so they don’t react like drugs.

Is there any difference between MORINAGA Chil Kid in Indonesia and in Japan?

Both have the same quality but with slight difference in composition as they have been adjusted to the nutritional needs of each country.

Is it allowed to make MORINAGA Chil Kid using hot or cold water?

You should use lukewarm water (a maximum of 40C), so that the children can immediately drink it right after being diluted with water, but make sure the water has been boiled first.

Can MORINAGA Chil Kid be served using water without boiling it first?

It is better to boil the water first to ensure the hygiene, unless the water source sterility has been confirmed (such as MORINAGA Heiko Water – a bottled drinking water that has been sterilized so it does not need to be boiled anymore) and the equipment used has also been washed and sterilized as well.

Can UHT milk be consumed by 1 year old children?

Can. UHT milk is sterilized cow’s milk through a high-temperature sterilization process, but its composition is not adjusted to the children’s nutritional needs in their current age, so it is advised to only consume it once in a while. You better provide them with MORINAGA Chil Kid since it does not only have a complete nutrition but also has been adjusted according to their age. It is also enhanced with Multitalented Intelligence and Multiple Body Defence Factors so that your children grow smart and not get sick easily.

Where does the Nucleotides in MORINAGA Chil Kid come from?

It is derived from cow’s milk to increase the body immune so children don’t get sick easily.

Is it okay to use MORINAGA Chil Kid as a mixture in the children’s porridge?

It is okay, Moms. You can add it as an additional calorie intake and to add the taste, while keep fulfilling their daily needs of milk.

How to switch the children’s milk to MORINAGA Chil Kid?

If the previous milk still remains, you can mixed it with MORINAGA Chil Kid for transition:
- Day 1 = 1 teaspoon of MORINAGA Chil Kid + 4 teaspoons of the remaining milk
- Day 2 = 2 teaspoons of MORINAGA Chil Kid + 3 teaspoons of the remaining milk
- Day 3 = 3 teaspoons of MORINAGA Chil Kid + 2 teaspoons of the remaining milk
And so on until they have fully moved to MORINAGA Chil Kid. Or adjust it according to how fast the children can accept the milk

Can overweight children consume MORINAGA Chil School?

They can, Moms, because every glass of MORINAGA Chil School only contains 200 calories, hence with the serving suggestion of 3 glasses per day will provide 600 calories. According to the Nutrition Label References issued by the National Agency of Drug and Food Control, children aged 3 years and above need 2,150 calories, so you can prepare the remaining 1,550 calories from solid food.

Is it possible for the MORINAGA Chil School to be consumed in a long term?

There is no problem, Moms, because MORINAGA Chil School is a growth milk with complete nutrients, so it is good to be consumed regularly. At this growing period, the children need nutritional support for their healthy growth.

Why MORINAGA Chil School Gold does not contain AA?

Because it has been added with Omega 6 (Linoleic Acid) which will be converted into AA in the body. Since the children have grown up, their digestion and body metabolism are perfect and can convert Linoleic Acid into AA well.

Can MORINAGA Chil School be used as a substitute of the children’s meals?

It is better to still provide them with solid food to support the children’s increasing activities to optimize their development process. MORINAGA Chil School should be given as a complement to fulfil their nutritional needs, especially if they are having trouble to eat or when you are worried if their nutritional needs have not been fulfilled by food only.