Get to know pregnancy condition while at 37 weeks pregnant

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 27 November 2019

Get to know pregnancy condition while at 37 weeks pregnant

If the baby isn’t born yet though it’s already estimated before, it’s best that Mom keeps calm because it’s just 5% babies that were born exactly in the estimated date. Even when the baby is born before the estimated date, Mom no need to worry. Why? It’s because at 37 weeks pregnant, the baby’s development is already perfect and ready to be born to the world.

In this pregnancy age, Mom should prepare yourself and the stuff you need for the delivery. So, if Mom’s contractions become more intense and regular, you can go to the hospital right away.

How is the growth of a 37 weeks fetus?

When the pregnancy is entering this age, the baby’s weight can reach more or less 2.8 kg with the length 48.6 cm. Childbirth at the age of 9 month is considered old enough and the ideal age because the baby's development is already perfect. If this is the first pregnancy for Mom, then in this age, generally the baby’s head is already on the pelvic hole and supported by the hip bone. But, if this is a second pregnancy and forth, it’s possible the baby’s head isn’t going down yet.

In this age, most of the babies’ heads are already full of hair about the length 3.5 cm more or less. But, there are some babies who don’t have hair even a little bit. Most of the smooth hair that covered the babies are gone, swallowed up and kept by the babies inside their intestine. Then, those things will removed through the first feces called meconium (baby's first feces)

What should be considered?

When entering 37 weeks pregnant, both Mom and partner may have heard a lot of advice and preparation for childbirth. But sometimes when at 39 weeks of pregnancy, Mom often feels restless because the baby is still not born yet. If Mom experiences this, things that Mom should do are keep calm and think positively. Mom can spend time with the family or best friends so Mom doesn’t feel stress.

Know the 3 stages before delivery

  • First stage: start from the cervix is open around 10 cm followed by contractions every 5 minutes. In this stage, it’s best for Mom to go to the hospital.
  • Second stage: the cervix is already opened more than 10 cm till the baby is born.
  • Third stage: placenta discharge from the birth canal. This stage can usually take 5 to 30 minutes.

In the childbirth process, when Mom pushes, the baby’s head will be seen from the vagina hole, this condition is known as crowning. This moment, Mom will feel pain and like feel stung in the vagina area, because the hole is open wide. If it’s already in this position, stop pushing. Because if Mom keeps pushing, it could make the hole torn out so it will need episiotomy (surgical incision of the perineum (tissue between the birth canal and the anus)).

This pain is just going to happen for a couple of seconds which later will be followed by numb feeling. This is due to stretching the layer of the vagina that makes the nerves become blocked and become a natural pain reliever.

Though everything is already anticipated, Mom still needs to get ready for some conditions that could happen, such as:

  • Caesarean section: a surgery to deliver the babies with incision under the stomach.
  • Induction: what Mom can do to get the labor started. Usually applied to certain circumstances, such as babies who have health problems or if the amniotic fluid has broken first.

However the fetus develops when entering 37 weeks of pregnancy and however the way that the baby went through to be born, one thing is no less important is Mom and the baby's healthiness and safety. So, during the pregnancy, Mom can consume foods that contain with carbohydrates to add the energy, phospor, calcium, vitamin D because it can support the baby’s bone growth and maintain Mom’s bone mass, folic acid, omega-3, choline to prevent defects in the nervous system and help fetus’ brain development, magnesium to repair damaged cells, as well as iron to prevent anemia. So, Mom and the baby are healthy during the pregnancy. Well, after that the next is thinking about how Mom is going to nurture and raise the baby. Congratulations, and enjoy this precious pregnancy moment Mom, keep healthy!