Fetus condition at 7 months of pregnancy

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 14 November 2019

Fetus condition at 7 months of pregnancy

When entering the last trimester of pregnancy age, some Moms will feel shortness of breath because your pregnancy is getting bigger. However, this condition will subside once the baby is in a position ready for birth with the head down. To take care of Mom’s baby health until he/she is ready to be born, beside the nutrition, Mom needs to know about the condition of a 7 months pregnancy. Here are the 7 months pregnant conditions that Mom needs to know.

Fetus Growth

At the beginning of 7 months of pregnancy, Mom’s baby will have body length around 38-39 cm. At the 29-32 weeks of pregnancy, the baby will be so active. Sooner or later, Mom will be aware of those movements and the time that the baby is actively moving. This movement is also useful for detecting the baby’s health condition.

29 weeks pregnant

  • If it’s a boy, then both of his testicel is already begun to go down from the kidneys to the scrotum. While for the baby girl, the clitoris has begun to appear.
  • The babies’ head is big enough for their brain to keep growing.
  • The cranium is beginning to harden as the lungs, brain and muscles develop.

30 weeks pregnant

  • Mom’s baby size is around 39 cm with body weight 1.3 kg. Increased length tends to slow down, but the weight continues to increase until birth.
  • Lungs and digestive systems are almost completely developed.
  • The eyes are able to open and shut close.
  • Some researchers revealed that stimulating the fetus in this age with light can increase its sights.
  • Babies already have eyelashes and eyebrows.

31 weeks pregnant

  • Now, your baby is 1.5 kg more or less with body length around 41 cm.
  • Baby’s head is perfectly formed and fits with the body size.
  • Baby’s movement is stable.
  • Baby is able to expel urine from the bladder.
  • Baby’s bone marrow has taken over the work of the liver to produce red blood cells.

32 weeks pregnant

  • At 32 weeks, the baby's head is generally already in below and ready to be born.
  • Baby’s skin looks smoother day by day. Lanugo on their bodies too gradually began to disappear.
  • Their skill at sucking is also developing. Babies increasingly suck their own thumbs.
  • Their eyes are able to see one object.
  • Babies’ lungs have begun to develop rapidly. However, new babies can breathe perfectly after reaching the age of 36 months.
  • Amniotic fluids levels are increasing.

Changes that occur during pregnancy

Weight gain that Mom experienced from the beginning of pregnancy until now could reach 8 to 11 kg. Some Moms can also experience constipation which causes stomach ache, hard stools, and irregular bowel movement. When pregnant, Mom’s body will produce various hormones which cause the joints to become a little loose. Well, this condition can cause swollen feet that make Mom have to change your shoes one size bigger and it’s best to wear comfortable and safe footwear.

Next, Mom can prepare all the preparation about childbirth when your pregnancy is at 7 months. While entering 8 months, Mom can prepare childbirth things in the hospital. So, when Mom feels stable contractions, all things for labor are ready to be carried.