Ways to maximize chating time with the Little One

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 3 January 2020

Ways to maximize chating time with the Little One

The First way to educate the Little One is chatting with him/her. Although the Little One cannot talk yet, still, chatting with the Little One has a lot of benefits for his/her growth and development. Even without Mom realized, since the Little One could see properly, he/she tried to “talk” with Mom through many ways. Through staring, mumbling, or smiling, the Little One communicate with the simplest ways.

Inviting the Little One to chat can stimulate his/her brain development, because there are synapses in the brain reacted to what Mom said. More words that the Little One hear, more connecting points connected. This event enable the Little One to understand words faster.

 When the Little One hear what Mom said to him/her, slowly the Little One recognize the voices, absorb the tones, and understand the words that Mom said. To maximize chat time effectively, look at some tips below:

  1. Talk as much as possible
    If the Little One couldn’t say any words, Mom roles to keep talking is really needed. Say one word repeatedly so the Little One easier to understand. Mom who actively speaking usually will make the Little One speak well more when the time comes.

  2. Using cheerful tones
    Intonation that Mom used when talking to the Little One should be cheerful tones. The purposes are of course to make the Little One interested and pay attention to what Mom said. Needs to know it will be better that Mom avoid using acronyms or lisp talking on purpose, because the Little One will copy the words and probably the Little One will confuse when he/she knows the correct words. 

  3. Make eye contact when talking to the Little One
    When talking to the Little One, make sure to always make eye contact with him/her, Mom. Moreover to the 6 months old baby. This moment should be maximized to embed memory for Mom’s face and stare, so the Little One could recognize the gestures well. When the Little One could reply Mom’s speech, avoid to cut the Little One response. Even though the words that comes out from Little One’s mouth still unclear, let the Little One finished his/her words.

  4. Say the words while do it
    Talk about all the simple things that happen between Mom and the Little One. For instance is when Mom put the Little One’s clothes on, say it repeatedly “Let’s put on your clothes, hon” or “Wow, you’re already could do clapping”. Slowly but sure, the Little One start to understand the relation between word and its meaning. This tip also could help the Little One to recognize environment and things faster.

  5. Using facial or hands gestures
    Talking is not just about words, but also through gestures and body movement. The easiest way is using facial expression like bloating the cheeks and deflate it when the Little One touch Mom’s cheeks. This activity will help the Little One to understand about cause and effect concept that will be useful in the future. Certainly, it’s a fun activity for Mom and Little One, right?

Now, Mom knows that early communication with the Little One is not just about entertainment but also about it helps to support Little One’s intelligence development. Without realizing it, this activity could give significantly good effect to the Little One’s growth and development in the future.