Optimize Your Little One's Growth and Development According to the Stages

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 January 2017

Optimize Your Little One's Growth and Development According to the Stages

Certainly, Mommy often hears the terms "growth" and "development". What exactly are meant by these two terms? Growth is a term to define the increase in the number and size of cells in all body parts that can be measured, such as weight and height and head circumference. While development can be interpreted as the addition of cognitive and physical activity abilities, in line with the age of a child, such as talking, gross motor, and fine motor skills.

For growth, normally at the age of 4 months, the weight of the Little One achieves twice his or her birth weight. While at the age of 1 year, his/her weight will reach three times the weight at birth. For the Little One who is 1-5 years old, ideally, experiences weight gain about 2.2 kilogram per year. For height, at the age of 1 year, generally, the addition of the Little One’s height is around 50% of height at birth and at the age of 4 years has a height twice the height at birth.

There is a difference between weight and height gain in boys and girls. As a reference, Mommy can see whether the weight and height of the Little One are included in the normal weight range for her/his age, using a graph according to WHO.

The development of the Little One is usually characterized by an increase in the ability to speak (language) and of his/her motor skills. Check out the developmental stages of the Little One based on these two things:

Age 1-6 months

  • Speech: responds to the voice of another person by "cooing" or by the sounds produced by a baby
  • Motor ability:
    • 3 months, can lift the head as high as 45 degrees
    • 4 months, can turn the body into prone position
    • 5-6 months, can roll from prone position to supine position

Age 6-9 months

  • Speech: Babbling
  • Motor ability:
    • 8 months, can sit without support
    • 9 months, can crawl

Age 10-11 months

  • Speech ability: imitate the voice of others, talk “mama / dada” aimlessly
  • Motor ability: can stand alone followed by standing without holding

Age 12 months

  • Speech ability: talk “mama / dada” which is aimed to call Daddy and Mommy, talk 2-3 words
  • Motor ability: can stand without help and taking steps one by one

Provision of a complete and balanced nutrition as well as appropriate stimulations according to age are two important factors to support the process of growth and development of the Little One. Stimulation can be done by inviting him to directed-play. Discover creative play ideas that can simultaneously stimulate your Little One's intelligence on the site or children’s growth, Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan. There, Mommy can choose exciting activities that have been adapted to the age of the Little One.

Take advantage of the growth period of the Little One as well as possible so that the Little One can reach his/her maximum potential in order to welcome a brilliant future.