Role of Play in Supporting Your Little One's Intelligence

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 December 2017

Role of Play in Supporting Your Little One's Intelligence

The brain’s growth and development will affect the intelligence of the Little One in the future. The Little One’s brain cells consist of a hundred billion nerve cells. Over time, cells will develop by forming synapses or connections between nerve cells. The more synapses that are formed, the faster and more effective the Little One’s brain works.

The formation of synapses relies heavily on adequate, good quality, and age-appropriate stimulation. One of the stimulations that can be done is by playing. This one activity is very important for the Little One. Not only to relax but also to sharpen his/her ability or intelligence. Through playing, the Little One gets a good stimulation for his/her growth and development.

According to Howard Gardner, an educational expert and professor at Harvard University, each individual has 9 multiple intelligences, spatial visual intelligence, linguistic intelligence, mathematical logical intelligence, kinesthetic intelligence, musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, and naturalist intelligence.

Proper stimulation will make the Little One have the opportunity to sharpen all his/her multiple intelligences. This will make his/her motor and cognitive skills, as well as confidence to be better. If Mommy wants to identify what multiple intelligences are dominant in the Little One, Mommy can fill in the information and get the answer on Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan website.

Stimulation for the Little One can be given through simple games but full of learning experiences. Mommy, we recommend that the stimulation is done in accordance with the age of the Little One, for optimal results.

For the Little One age 0-6 months old

Mommy can make sounds using body parts like hands-clapping or fingers-flicking. Tools such as toys that emit sounds with exciting colors can also be used. Make sure that toys are made of safe materials. Not only that, Mommy can clap while singing. Invite the Little One to dance by holding him/her and swaying to the rhythm of music.

When the Little One is 6-12 months old

Stimulation can be done by playing the game "Peek-a-boo". Storytelling at bedtime is also an idea that can be done. Choose a story book with the dominance of attractive and colorful images to make the Little be interested in reading.

Age 1 and up

Mommy can introduce the Little One to a game of building blocks or simple puzzles. These games will hone the ability to think and solve problems. Stimulate the imagination of the Little One by playing the role, for example playing as a seller and buyer.

Playing is proven to improve the intelligence of the Little One. By playing, the Little One will not feel that he/she is learning because it is done in a fun way. Get creative game ideas at Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan and let's sharpen all of your Little One’s potentials for an optimal growth and development process.