Avoid Negative Parenting Style so That The Little One Can Have Good Characters

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 March 2017

Avoid Negative Parenting Style so That The Little One Can Have Good Characters

Surely each parent has a different upbringing or parenting style. Differences in parenting styles also give different impact on the development and formation of the Little One’s character. With the right parenting style, the process of growth and development will run optimally. However, often unconsciously, Daddy and Mommy make mistakes in nurturing and educating the Little One. This can be caused by the lack of knowledge of Daddy and Mommy about the variety of parenting style.

Pay attention on some ineffective parenting style in educating the Little One as follows:

Parenting style of comparing the Little One

As the name implies, in this type, Daddy and Mommy often compare one child with another. As a result, underachieving children will grow up with less self-confident.

Authoritarian parenting style

This parenting style has a restrictive manner by requiring the Little One to follow all orders without exception. Each rule is usually made without being discussed with other family members. Daddy and Mommy also do not allow children to be involved in problem solving. Generally, this parenting style uses punishment instead of discipline. So the focus is on the way the Little One is obedient to the rules, not how he/she can make the best choice. Children raised with this kind of care tend to not be able to control emotions, lack confidence, shy, and not independent.

Permissive parenting style

This parenting style is inversely proportional to the authoritarian parenting style. The Little One has full power and most of his/her wishes are fulfilled by Daddy and Mommy. This parenting style is generally applied because Daddy and Mommy consider this as a form of affection. Whereas what will happen is that the Little One tends to continue to claim his/her rights, be selfish, be not polite, and so forth.

Daddy and Mommy’s parenting styles are not the same

In this type, Daddy and Mommy provide and apply different rules. This will make the Little One to be confused in which rules he/she must follow. In the end, he/she will take sides with one parent who always follows his/her wish.

Giving gifts parenting style

If Daddy and Mommy often use material rewards or easy promises when asking the Little One to behave as desired, then the result is the Little One will only behave well if there is something profitable for him/her.

Preferably before defining and implementing a specific parenting style, Daddy and Mommy can discuss first on what the desired result is. Implementation of more than one parenting style may be done, so asto be more flexible in accordance with the situation at hand. Certainly, Daddy and Mommy should be able to establish a positive relationship with the Little One that he/she grows up with good character.