3 Games That Can Stimulate The Little One to Talk

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 December 2017

3 Games That Can Stimulate The Little One to Talk

The growth of the Little One goes rapidly since he/she was born until the age of 3 years. The development of his/her brain needs to be trained from an early age. What is needed for that is an appropriate stimulation according to the Little One’s age. Stimulation can be done by playing. Not only to train his motor skills, playing can also help the Little One to be more articulate in his/her speech.

Many Dads and Moms are wary because the Little One is not talking yet, even though the Little One is now two years old. The role of Daddy, Mommy, and the environment in the success and fluency of the Little One’s ability to talk is very important. Everyday interactions with the Little One will greatly enhance the development of language and speech skills.

In order for the Little One to talk more fluently, Mommy can invite him/her to play 3 exciting ideas below:

  • Hand puppet. Storytelling using hand puppet media can help your Little One to absorb words more quickly. Choose a simple story with simple words too. Keep on repeating some of the words that Mommy wants to teach him/her.
  • Guessing game/Guess the object. Start the game by getting acquainted with the names of objects that are placed around the Little One. Then, Mommy can invite the Little One to point to the object which name is spoken.
  • Play with words. Fun activities that can help the Little One to be more articulate are singing and dancing. Choose a song that includes words such as body parts and ask the Little One to point to the specific body parts in question.

Not only these three ideas can help stimulate the Little One to talk, Mommy can now access the Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan website that can help Mommy to find creative play ideas for the Little One, including games that can sharpen 9 multiple intelligences.

What are the 9 multiple intelligences? Multiple intelligence encompasses many areas of everyday life namely linguistic, mathematical logic, musical, kinesthetic, visual spatial, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturalist and moral intelligence.

Inside the site, Mommy can also find the facility of multiple intelligence identification or Multipe Intelligence Identification Method. The facility can help Mommy to identify the multiple intelligences owned by the Little One.

Talking ability of the Little One begins from home. As the closest model, make sure that Daddy and Mommy are talking good and polite words so it can be a great example for the Little One. He/she will absorb and speak good and polite words as well. Good luck, Moms!