The Many Benefits of Breastmilk for Your Little One’s Growth and Development

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 2 January 2017

The Many Benefits of Breastmilk for Your Little One’s Growth and Development

In the first 2 years of life of the Little One, he/she will experience the process of growth and development very rapidly. Growth and development are actually different processes but both cannot stand alone and are related to each other. Growth is the increase in the size and number of cells and intercellular tissues, quantitative in nature so that it can be measured using units of length, weight, and head size. While the definition of development is the increasing ability of structures and functions of the body which is more complex, such as motor, cognitive, and language skills.

The process of growth and development are very dependent on nutrition and stimulation given to the Little One. Certainly, as a parent, Mommy always wants to give the best for the Little One. When the Little One is born, Mommy is recommended to give breast milk (breast milk). Of course, this is not without reason, the content of breast milk nutrition is very complete and in accordance with the needs of the Little One.

Various studies have also demonstrated the benefits of breast milk. Data from the World Health Organization reveals that breast milk has the most appropriate nutritional composition for the Little One's needs. Caloric needs during the first six months of the Little One’s life can be met with exclusive breastfeeding. Therefore, WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding for six months which is then followed by introduction with solid foods while still breastfed until the age of the Little One reaches 2 years old.

In addition to qualified nutrients, breast milk also provides maximum protection against various diseases and infections. The content of antibodies present in breast milk provides benefits for the immune system. The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 2001, showed a decrease in deaths from various diseases such as diarrhea and pneumonia in exclusively breast-fed infants.

Other benefits of breast milk can be felt as a form of Mother's love for the the Little One. By nursing, a close inner relationship will be created between Mommy and Little One. This is because when breastfeeding the Little One is attached to the body of Mommy and he/she can listen to the heartbeat of Mommy and can also feel a warm embrace.

The increase of the Little One’s weight will also be more ideal with breastfeeding. The Little One given exclusive breastfeeding will grow with normal body weight. According to experts, insulin content in breast milk is less than formula milk. Insulin plays a role in fat formation. Therefore, breast milk will not trigger the formation of excessive fat in the Little One.

So, now Mommy already know that Breastfed Little One will get the nutrients with ideal composition for growth. In addition, protection against infection, as well as strong psychological ties between Mommy and the Little One, give positive effects for growth.