Stimulate Baby’s growth and development with music, why not?

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 January 2020

Stimulate Baby’s growth and development with music, why not?

Since baby still in the womb and in his/her golden age, there are a lot of stimulation that Mom could do to support the little one’s growth, one of them is with music.

A research shows that since early pregnancy, at least in 16 weeks old pregnancy, the baby’s hearing function is already formed. At that time, the little one could receive auditory stimuli. Brain development is easy to form and have a potential to change according to what senses gone through.

That is why, music will help baby’s brain to work optimally and open the nerves lane in the brain so lots of nerves connected and the little one’s brain develop faster. This will create nerves stimulation that take effect to auditory cortex and improve the little one communication skills.

Besides could stimulate baby’s brain development, music also support baby’s intelligence, social and emotional skills, and gross motor skills. Music will balanced the little one body movement and brain work.

Then, how are the ways to stimulate baby’s development  using music?

Music stimulation to a baby not much different when while in the womb. It just that after birth, a baby has a lot more abilities and could explore freely because he/she already capable to hear, move, smile, and other abilities.

Therefore, Mom should adjust stimulation with the little one ability. Here are some tips of stimulation for baby’s development using music.

  • Different when while in the womb, the fact is baby like music with a faster rhythm. So, Mom can play energetic music.

  • Play the music using any platform with the average volume. Mom could adjusting it with room situation and space. Remember not too loud, Mom.

  • Playing the music while the little one’s awake. After having a meal, after taking a bath, and after playing. Choose the time and do it regularly for giving the stimulation in those times so it could maximize the result.

  • Play 1-3 music or more if baby feels comfortable. Make it 30 minutes duration.

  • Let baby moving and mumbling while he/she enjoying the sounds of music and appreciate it through movements and sounds. It will be best to lay down the little one to mattress so he/she could move freely.

  • If the baby is able to stand up, let the baby move his/her body as if he/she is dancing. But still keep it under Mom’s surveillance.

  • To make it more fun, Mom could join humming or invite the little one to move his/her hands and legs. Also Mom could invite the little one to clap following the rhythm. Moms singing also give the best respond to the little one’s brain to the music he/she heard. So the little one is capable to imitate the sounds and remember it in their memory.

  • Try to not ruin the baby’s concentration while he/she is listening to the music so the little one could enjoy it without any interruption.

So, how is it, Mom? Let’s get the little one to listen to the music so it could make his/her growth more optimal.