5 Baby’s body language and its meaning

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 6 July 2023

5 Baby’s body language and its meaning

Similar to adult, the Little One’s communication skills is also not limited just by speech. Before the baby could speak, he/she will communicate using body language. According to Parenting expert and also a writer of Your Baby Is Speaking To You, J. Kevin Nugent Ph.D., “Baby’s habit through body movement, contains a message what he/she needs. When Mom could get it and respond to it, it will make the Little One happy.”

Maybe Mom already know a few basic movements like sucking thumb which means baby ask for eat or milk. However, there are a lot of body language that the Little One use to deliver the messages.

 At the beginning, Mom must be guessing. Yet, there are a lot of Parenting Expert agreed that some of the movement that the Little One make is based on the same need. When Mom understand the meaning of the movements that Little One makes, it will be easier to give what Little One needs. There are some information of the little one body language and its meaning summarized from various sources. Let’s start to look at the Little One body movements below:

  1. Rubbing the eyes
    This Little One body language is easy for Mom to understand. Every hour, the Little One certainly shows his/her tiredness with rubbing his/her eyes while yawning. It’s reasonable because child below age one needs a longer sleep. That’s what makes him/her easily get tired after playing with Mom for 3-4 hours.

    So, if Mom see that motion, immediately prepare his/her bed or carry the Little One so he/she quickly fall asleep.

  2. Rubbing the ears or hairs
    When see the Little One rubbing his/her ears repeatedly, Mom no need to assume that there is something in his/her ears. Usually this motion done to show that the little one feels uncomfortable. It could mean that his/her diaper is already full, the temperature is too hot, or disturbing noise around the little one.

    This anxiety shows through rubbing the ears or hair motion. What Mom should do when see those is make sure that situation around the Little one is comfortable for him/her. If the little one expression become more depressed, try to move to another place to calm him/her down. However, if the little one plays his/her ears playfully, there is a chance that he/she just recognize that part of the body.

  3. Stretch out the arms
    Before the little one could move his/her body by him/herself, he/she uses body language to deliver the message by stretching his/her arms to the right or left or up. For the moment is the same motion like body stretching, however if Mom see it carefully, the little one’s movement is focused on his/her hands that try to reach something.

    Let the little one to do that movement for awhile for stimulate his/her motor skill is fine. However, before the little one get cranky is better for Mom to take little one walking around the room or move into a new position until he/she gets comfortable. For a note, if the little one do this motion while sleeping, just let it be, Mom. It’s possible that his/her body do a reflex without any means.

  4. Sticking two hands
    Needed more attention to identify this little one motion. Usually sticking his/her hands to the body means that the little wants more to the things that he/she has before. For example, when the little one trying a new food. It could be when Mom did a motion or funny voice that draw his/her attention.

    Mostly the little one urge on repeating something is not last long. Little One will look away when that things is not interesting anymore for him/her.

  5. Kicking (Happily)
    Kicking motion by the little one usually followed with adorable laugh. Yes, this body language shows that the little one is happy. New atmosphere, Mom’s behavior, playing peek-a-boo, and many more things to make the little one kicking.

Mom needs to pay attention that when the little one feel happy, he/she will release a lot of energy than usual. This makes his/her body easily get tired and sleepy. So, Mom needs to be ready to put the little one into sleep.