Myths around miscarriages Mom should know

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 3 January 2020

Myths around miscarriages Mom should know

Miscarriage is one of the scariest thing for a pregnant Mom. Mom and the fetus health and safety is above everything. Miscarriage triggered by so many factors related to Mom condition and environment around Mom. Miscarriage signs by blood come out from vagina, pain or stomach cramps and lower back cramps however much the fetus age. If this happens, it’s best for Mom to immediately called the doctor to get quick treatment.

Sometimes the information that spread out in the community about miscarriage should be questioned about its truth or we can call it a myth. Doesn’t mean Mom should believed all the informations about miscarriage. Here are the myths around miscarriage that should be straightened out. Let’s see it below, Mom.

  1. Myth: If Mom has had miscarriage, Mom won’t be able to get pregnant again

    According to Jane Frederick, MD, one of the Fertility specialists in Orange County said that if the first pregnancy encounter miscarriage, it doesn’t mean Mom multiply the miscarriage risk in the second pregnancy. It means Mom still can get pregnant again because the risk of miscarriage is depend on the cause. But, if Mom experience the miscarriage twice, it will be better consult with fertility specialist. Mom can take Dad too to check his health condition.

  1. Myth: blood spot or bleeding when pregnancy means Mom havemiscarriage

    Vaginal bleeding is generally happen to the first trimester fetus and experienced by 20-40% pregnant Mom, said by an obstetrics and gynecology expert from Columbia University Medical Center, Brian Levine. Bleeding that prolonged often happen during healthy pregnancy. Always check Mom’s condition when the blood spot occurs.

  1. Myth: Mom should wait 3 months after miscarriage to try to get pregnant again

    Brian Levine announce a study that state Mom can get pregnant again even after 1 month of miscarriage happened. But, before trying to get pregnant again, make sure it first  to the doctor that Mom has zero number at HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) test. With the development of technology in health, HCG score could decrease in 1 month. But remember again with Mom’s health after doing curettage. Does Mom’s body condition is really ready to get pregnant again?

  1. Myth: Miscarriage cannot be prevented

    Although most of the causes are out or Mom’s control, there are things Mom still could do to prevent miscarriage. For example don’t smoke or exposed by cigarette smoke. Then, Mom can also avoid drinks that contain alcohol and caffeine. With avoiding those, Mom can prevent the risk of miscarriage.

So, if Mom heard information from other people, just make sure the truth first, okay. With knowing the causes and signs of miscarriage, Mom is expected can put it aside wrong viewpoint about miscarriage. Traveling by plane, working, or having sex when the fetus age is still young sometimes don’t have the connection with miscarriage.

Sometimes, miscarriage is triggered by chronic disease, autoimmune, infection, hormone imbalance, consumed medicines, and uterus abnormality. And, Mom’s age when getting pregnant also increase the risk of miscarriage. Pregnant at a young age and too old also could endanger Mom and the fetus condition.

Keep healthy while pregnant so the little could be born safely, Mom.