Having Sex at 9 Months of Pregnancy, It's OK!

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 25 November 2019

Having Sex at 9 Months of Pregnancy, It's OK!

Probably most of couples think that having sex when the wife is pregnant is a dangerous thing to do, the assumption in the old age of pregnancy, it could risk the fetus. However, the fact is having sex when Mom is pregnant it’s alright. Even according to some sex and family expert, having sex at 9 months of pregnancy is safe as long as it’s done carefully and in the right way. This actually plays an important role for the smooth delivery.

Slightly different with the young pregnancy which is 3 months old pregnancy or first trimester, husband and wife should be careful and delay having sex first. This is because in the first three months is a vulnerable period where the fetus starts to form. The slightest impact makes the fetus vulnerable to miscarriage. Having sex in the first period of pregnancy could trigger contractions, because the placenta doesn’t form yet it could lead to miscarriage if there is a terrible contraction.

Having sex at 9 months pregnancy is allowed

Surely there are some things that should be considered so that activity won’t harm Mom and the fetus. As long as Mom has a normal pregnancy, Mom can do it except there is a medical reason and a suggestion from your obstetrician to not do it. Some women can do it  and enjoy the sex normally. Some of them also experience bleeding or other symptoms when having sex during the pregnancy. If Mom is one of those women, then it’s best for you to consult your obstetrician. However, these symptoms are generally only a small minority experienced by women when pregnant.

Having sex while pregnant 9 months even has benefits. While having sex, prostaglandins released by sperm can cause contractions to help indirectly to pressing so the baby’s head can go to the birth canal under pelvis. But still, sexual intercourse should be done carefully. As long as your obstetrician doesn’t say Mom’s pregnancy isn’t in prone to miscarriage condition, Mom is easily bleeding, have a risk of your water break, or even the fetus placenta is in below position, sex intercourse is safe to be done. Beside that, don’t be shy to ask a lot of questions to your obstetrician and do a check up once in a month minimally.

Comfortable sex position when pregnant

The condition of pregnancy is getting bigger means that the stomach will get bigger too, so it’s suggested to Mom to do and find the comfortable position for sex. Here’re below some of the positions.

  • Woman on top (woman on top, men below) this style is safe enough because Mom’s stomach position is like people who sit down. This position is the best position that has been used by pregnant Mom because it’s proven safe. Mom can make it slow or fast while controlling penetration. The important thing to remember is don’t do it too fast, it could endanger the baby in the womb so it could make the baby stress.The up and down of movement speed can also be controlled freely by Mom. Lay your body above your partner. It can be done by facing your partner’s face or feet.
  • Spoon
    This position can be done with the body laying sideways, so your husband is behind you like spooning style. So the position is Mom laying sideways while looking to the right or left, then your husband is on your back doing penetration from your behind.

Mom is allowed to have sex when at 9 month pregnant as long as the pregnancy is normal and doesn’t have any prohibition from your obstetrician. Hope this information could answer Mom’s curiosity :)