Why Does Your Little One Hvae Fever After Immunization

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 February 2017

Why Does Your Little One Hvae Fever After Immunization

Your Little One’s body temperature slowly creeps up after having immunization the day before. Is this normal? Basically, the fever that comes after the Little One’s immunization is the reaction of the immune system to recognize and respond to the newly injected vaccine component to his/her body. Generally, the immunization process triggers the fever on 10% of the immunized Little One. Specifically for Tetanus and Pertussis Diphtheria (DPT) immunization, this number increases to about 50%.

Side effects caused by immunization is what makes many parents are reluctant to immunize their children. Actually, the fever that occurs after immunization is not a dangerous thing, with notes thatthe parents can handle it properly. The principle off ever management is also not much different from the principle of managing the common fever in general.

What can Mommy do to manage post-immunization fever?

Ensure adequate fluid intake

Your Little One’s body that is having fever easily loses body fluids because the liquid will evaporate. This increases the risk for dehydration to occur. If not addressed, dehydration will increasingly increase the body temperature of your Little One.

Wear comfortable thin clothes

Clothes that are thick and layered will inhibit heat removal from the Little One’s body. Put on a thin clothe or put on only underwear so that the heat can be released through the skin

Warm compress for your Little One

Warm compresses serve to dilate blood vessels on the surface of the skin so that the heat of the body can be more easily released. Heat can also be released through sweat after a warm compress.

Give your Little One compresses on the forehead, neck, armpit, and chest. Do not let the compress dry on the body, lift the compress when it is half dry, dip it back in warm water, wring it out, and put it back on the body.

Give febrifuge

If the temperature of the Little One is above 37.5 ° C and does not decrease in the above ways, give him a febrifuge. Give the appropriate dose of appropriate drug. If in doubt, consult your doctor before giving medicine to your baby.

Monitor your child's body temperature periodically

Monitor your baby's body temperature with a thermometer before Mommy administers a febrifuge. Perform it, 30 minutes-1 hour after the Little One is given the drug. Then, monitor his body temperature every few hours.

If your Little One's body temperature rises to above 38.5 ° C, is having seizures, is experiencing weakness and difficulty in drinking water, is having severe vomiting, is experiencing shortness of breath or decreased response, immediately take him/her to the doctor for examination.

By knowing how to manage post-immunization fever, Mommy needs not to worry anymore.