How to educate children so that spared from spoiled trait

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 6 January 2020

How to educate children so that spared from spoiled trait

Dad and Mom must not like a spoiled child, right? Although, basically all children are always demanding whatever they want they must get it whenever they want. But little one still can be educated so they can be spared from spoiled traits. Unfortunately, this will be difficult if Mom always spoiled them.

On the other hand, Mom always wants to make little one happy and give them the best. But on the other hand, Dad and Mom sometimes don’t realize that some attitudes tend to make little one become spoiled and selfish. If it’s left in the long-term, spoiled and selfish children will grow up to be lonely, not independent adults and don’t appreciate their parents hard-work. So, it is important to avoid little one from spoiled traits so it doesn’t carry until they are mature.

Even Though it’s difficult, it still can be done. Here are ways so little one can be spared from spoiled traits that Morinaga Platinum summarized for Mom.

  1. Teach little one to say “Thank You”

    The word “Thank You” is simple but has a great impact. From that word, there is an appreciation for what little one receives. And little one will spare from spoiled traits if they are grateful and appreciate everything that comes to their life. Mom can teach it from little things like when little one feeds Mom, Mom can say “thank you, dear”. Therefore, little one will understand the meaning of the word and know when to say it to other people.

  2. Don't give excessive compliment

    It will be better for Dad and Mom to give compliments if it’s just necessary. If Dad and Mom often give a fake compliment, little one will feel devastated if they don’t achieve something and don’t get what they want. If little one can’t do something, give him spirit to keep trying. Give them a lesson that they can still do many things, not just one.

  3. Educate little one to enjoy the meaning of waiting

    Teach little one to be patient and understand the meaning of waiting. By introducing little one the meaning of patience, they will know that not all things they want are good for them. This is proven in a research that Walter Mischel, a psychologist, conducted. In this test, children are given one small gift in the form of marshmallow or pretzel. If they want to wait 15 minutes to not eat it, they will get another one. After going through the test, Mischel gets that children who want to wait for 15 minutes during the Marshmallow test will be appreciated time, themselves, others more.

When Mom and little one go to a public place and see a whining child, tells little one that it’s a bad example and not good. Telling little one about good things to do maybe it’s common for Mom to do it. However, Mom also has to explain every time Mom and little one see a bad habit or bad attitude that happens in their surroundings, one of them is spoiled.  Always educate little one to become a good person, okay Mom!