Magic Benefits from hugging little one

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 6 January 2020

Magic Benefits from hugging little one

Has Mom already hugged the little one today? If you haven't, call little one immediately and hug him/her tight now. Does Mom know? It turns out beside showing Mom’s love to little one, a hug has an incredible benefit to his/her growth and development.

A soft hug definitely has an extraordinary benefit. This is proven when little one was born, parents are recommended to hug the baby right after the labor. Medically, it is trusted to have a positive effect later, and decrease parents stress level. Children who hug a lot will have a bigger part of the hippocampus that makes them easier to learn something and improve their memory.

It’s not just that Mom, a hug has some other extraordinary benefits. Curious? Here are some of the benefits of a hug for little one:

  1. Make little one smarter

    The little one needs sensory stimulation so he/she can grow smart. Physical touch like hugging is one of important stimulation that supports little one’s brain work. Besides, a hug can stimulate oxytocin hormone or happiness hormone in little one. Oxytocin hormones are released when hugging, and this hormone can trigger brain cells connection. More cells that are connected, then little one intelligence will improve more.

    Besides. The researchers found a fact that when a child receives a physical touch around 20 minutes per day for 10 weeks, it proven that he/she shows a bigger cognitive development. But, not all physical touches have benefits. Another study found a fact that only a soft touch can give a positive stimulation to children’s brain. One of the touches comes from a soft hug.

  1. Avoiding stress and anxious

    Hugging little one can increase endorphin levels in the body. Endorphins itself is funcionate to reduce nervous tension and blood pressure. It means, children who are often being hugged by their parents will be spared from stress and anxiety.

  1. Strengthen Immune System

    Hugging has its own benefits for little one’s health, which brings little one nerve system to balance. With hugging, oxytocin that is released to the bloodstream will also increase. This can reduce thyroid hormone plasma which can make wounds heal faster.

  1. Making little one more confident and optimistic

    Showing love to a little one through hugging is scientifically proven can improve him/her to be a more confident and optimistic person. Generally, a child who is always optimistic and confident has a wider society and better academic achievement, compared to a child who is inferior and pessimistic.

  1. Reduce pain

    Hugs can reduce pain that little one experienced. Moreover, hugging little one a lot can make his/her breathing smoother, so that the oxygen circulation to various body tissues get better.

How is it, Mom? Now you know what are the benefits of hugs for little one? Let’s start making it a habit to hug little one as often as possible so his/her growth gets more optimal.