The Benefit of Playing Puzzle for Your Little One

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 August 2017

The Benefit of Playing Puzzle for Your Little One

Dad and Mom, you must agree that childhood must be filled with games. Games is not only a playful activity but this is also a necessity for your children. Your little one not only get the leisure of playing, but their brain will be stimulated. In order for your children’s brain to be stimulated to their utmost potential, you can choose the type of activity for your children. So, beside getting the enough physical activity, your children can also learn optimally.

One game you can choose to stimulate your children’s intelligence is playing puzzle. This game is not only fun to play, but this game also stimulates your children brain development. Let see what the benefits of are playing puzzle:

Train fine motoric skill

Playing puzzle can train your children’s fine motoric skill. You can teach them to take puzzle pieces with their hands. Puzzle can also sharpen brain coordination and hand coordination. This coordination happens when your little one imagines the shape of the picture and try to complete the puzzle.

Improve thinking skill, shape analytical skill, spatial analytical skill and memory

A study performed by Nouchi R et al in 2013 conclude that puzzle plays an important role in brain development. Puzzle can increase analytic concentration and spatial analytic skill. Puzzle can also sharpen your brain and improve cognitive ability, memory span and thinking speed.

This study further confirms previous study by Levine SC et al that conclude playing puzzle is useful in increasing the ability of children’s shape forming ability.

Learning to set target

When your little one successfully finishes a puzzle, he will feel the satisfaction of achieving the target that he wants. By achieving something, he will become more confident and energized.

There is no minimal age to start playing puzzle. But you better adjust the type of puzzle to your children’s age. If your little one like to put things into his mouth you can choose puzzle in bigger shape, therefore reducing the risk of choking.

Who says learning has to be boring?