Holiday has a positive impact to children development

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 21 January 2020

Holiday has a positive impact to children development

The end of the year holiday is coming! It’s time for Mom to spend time together with family and little one. It’s true that holidays with a toddler need extra energy. But, does Mom know that vacations with little one have a bigger impact than buying them toys? This matter is based on children's nature that easily get bored with one stuff. Different with holidays, children will feel happier when they are enjoying the holiday and the memory while vacation is saved by them for a long term.

According to research that was conducted by the Family Holiday Association in England in 2015, 45% of them stated that the best memories are when they were on family vacation. One of the third respondents said that they still clearly remember childhood moments when they were on family vacation, one of the quarter stated that they use those memories to get through hard times.

On the other side, Mom will find lots of other benefits for little one when having a holiday with family. Curious? Here are some reviews for Mom.

1. Tighten family relation
Many parents spend their time working or other activities that make quality time with family lessen. Though Dad and Mom are at home, unconsciously you are both busy with your gadget. So, although physically you are together but the truth is you aren’t spending time together.

Times that Dad and Mom spend with little one doesn’t matter, but what Dad and Mom do with them is far more matter. Well, spending time with family vacation can be one of Dad and Mom’s way to do exciting activities and memorable things with little one during the holiday.

2. Make little one smarter
Vacation makes little one see and learn about new things. When going abroad, little one will know about how other people live, foods, languages, even different seasons. Vacation domestically is also great, especially Indonesia is rich with ethnics, language, and its natural beauty. So, although the destination is domestic, little one will also have a lot of experiences and learn new things.

3. Increasing social awareness
When Mom takes little one vacation to out of town or abroad, their understanding about the world is getting wider. Even though there are a lot of differences, Mom can explain to them that there are a lot of similarities in us as fellow human beings. If by chance Mom spends vacation time in a place that is hard to get reception, the technology isn’t advanced yet even the transportation, Mom can teach little one to be more grateful for their life all this time.

4. Increasing the confidence and build self concept
Vacation is indeed giving new experiences and adventures for little one. Not just a fun experience, but the vacation will build little one confidence and self concept. With trying a new thing, they develop bigger confidence. Trying new things makes children aware of what they like and don’t like to do, what makes them fascinated even what makes them inspired.

5. Easy to adapt
Vacation does not just make little one come out from comfort zone buta sometimes little one also has to experience an unpredictable event, for example flight delayed or walk on foot to the tourist sites. This event will help little one to easily adapt with the condition they experienced.

When facing an unpredicted situation, how Dad and Mom react to it will be seen and adapted by little one. So, make sure Dad and Mom have to take the right attitude towards the unpredictable situation.

Benefits of family vacation for children’s development are so many, right Mom? So, Mom can start to plan an exciting destination with family. Hope this information helpful and happy planning, Mom.