Ways to educate children to reduce plastic bag

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 21 January 2020

Ways to educate children to reduce plastic bag

In December 2018, DKI Jakarta Governor authorized a regulation about banning plastic bags in Jakarta. This regulation applies in shopping centers, convenience stores, and public markets that will applied in June 2020. This regulation was made to reduce plastic bag waste that has become a serious problem in Indonesia. Moreover, according to DKI Jakarta Provincial Environmental Agency, the most plastic bag waste is sourced from household waste. It means if Mom wants to shop, Mom should bring your own shopping bag to keep the environment clean.

With this applied regulation and the danger of plastic bag waste for the environment, it’s time for Mom to educate little one to reduce the use of plastic bags. It’s not difficult, Mom. Start from the little things. What can Mom teach a little one? Here’re the reviews.

  1. Buying ice cream cone rather than ice cream in plastic package

    Starting to reduce the use of plastic packages can be started with something little one loves. One of them is to buy ice cream cones rather than plastic package ice cream. Beside it’s more environmentally friendly, Mom can also teach little one to eat the cone until it’s gone when enjoying the ice cream.

  1. Using reusable straw

    When Mom gives a drink, it will be better if Mom gives a reusable straw to little one’s drink. If Mom is worried that stainless steel straw will damage their teeth, there is another alternative like silicon straw that is soft, elastic, and easy to clean. The use of reusable straw will help environmental sustainability.

    From this little step, Mom can stimulate their naturalist intelligence. Naturalist intelligence is important to be stimulated to recognize, differentiate, reveal, and make categories for whatever they meet in nature or environment. So that little one love for the universe began to grow little by little.

  1. Categories type of garbage

    Another easy way Mom can teach little one is categories the type of garbage. Give them education that there is a waste that can be recycled and not. Try to make some different trash cans to separate the garbage. Don’t forget to give little one understanding that plastic waste and can waste can be recycled to be a new product that has high use value.

  1. Making toys from used goods

    One of the principal ways to love the environment is reduce, reuse, and recycle. Mom can reuse the plastic for little one’s toys. Don’t forget to invite little one to make it by themselves so they know that the use of plastic is various and can be reused again with the new benefits.

Educating children to love the environment must be accompanied with real examples from Dad and Mom. Besides that, teaching little one that reduce the use of plastic is an easy way to love the environment. Afterall, who else will protect the sustainability of the earth for the next generation if it is not us and our children?