Benefits of taking little one to the museums for holiday

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 21 January 2020

Benefits of taking little one to the museums for holiday

Want a fun holiday time with the little one, Mom? Holidays do not always have to go to places that are far, expensive, or even outside the town. Mom can take little one to the museums. A research from Smithsonian Institution’s Early Learning Collaborative Network stated that visiting the museums will bring lots of benefits for children. Museums educate children and give them new learning experiences, stimulate imagination, introduce the new world and create quality time with family.

What other benefits of visiting the museums for little one? Here are the reviews below.

  1. Educate children to think critically

    When visiting the museums, Mom and little one will find a lot of new information so it gives a new perspective for little one. Rebecca Davidson, Manager of School and Educator Programs, Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art said that this exposure will help children to develop critical thinking skills and higher creativity.

  1. Cultivate little one high curiosity

    “Mom, what’s that?”, throughout the museum visits little one will ask about things they found new and this is good to cultivate their curiosity. Kate Whitman, Vice President of Public Programs, Atlanta History Center said that children curiosity about the world around them can stimulate by visiting the museums. Mom can take them to Wayang Museum, Postal Museum, National Museum, or Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

  1. Strengthen the relation between children and parents

    Mom, little one needs Dad and Mom presence too you know, not just as a role model, but also as a friend. Dad and Mom's presence give them safety that supports their mental growth and development. By visiting the museum, Dad and Mom can explain one by one about things in the museum while interacting with little one. So, Dad and Mom can spend quality family time with little one.

  1. Increase little one insight

    Museums are places that present various heritage and knowledge. In this place children will get various information. Jamee Yung, an art coordinator and education in Weisman Museum is also explained that art gives experience, feeling, thought, and perception exploration. And museums give space for a person to experiment, inspiring, and increasing creativity and even giving experience and entertainment.

  1. Educate children to keep exploring

    Weird and new things that little one found will make them wonder and improve their imagination and exploration. Jennifer Peters, Exhibition and Education Director, Muncie Children's Museum said that it’s important to introduce children to the museum when they are below 5 years old because museums can expand their knowledge about the world.

    In order to make Mom and Little one museum visit exciting, choose the right time for visiting the museum. Then, choose the right museum that is suitable with little one favorite. Such as, little one like to see dinosaurs. Mom can take them to museums that contain ancient animals like Dinosaur Adventure in TMII, Dinosaur Museum in Cisarua Bogor, or KidCity Jurassic Adventure in Tangerang. Happy holiday and have fun with little one, Mom!