Should Your Children Consume Food Made of Organic Material Only?

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 2 February 2024

Should Your Children Consume Food Made of Organic Material Only?

You may have heard a lot about nutritious food for your children, one of which is organic food. There are some reasons to choose organic food over the conventional food. The nutrition is not necessarily better, but the production of organic food is safer, in terms of devoid of antibiotic use, growth hormone, and pesticide. According to Canadian Centre of Occupational Health and Safety, pesticide has detrimental effect to your nervous system and reproduction system.

Babies and children can be affected even more by the administration of pesticide, compared to adults.  Children consume more food per kg bodyweight, as compared to adult. Baby’s body contain more fat than adults do, and pesticide can be stored in fat.

But, you do not need to rush and decide to use organic food only for your children. Government has regulated the amount of certain substance in organic and conventional food that is safe for human consumption. Organic food is usually more expensive, as compared to conventional food.

If you think to buy organic food for your children, but do not want to empty your bank account too much, then you can substitute these food that contains pesticide the most, such as:

Apple, grape and strawberry

When you eat an apple, people usually peel its skin first. As a matter of fact, a lot of benefit can be derived from eating apple skin. But it is better to peel the apple skin first if you eat non-organic apple, due to the risk of pesticide remain on the apple surface. Pear is also the type of fruit you need to peel first, due to the risk of pesticide on its surface. You can choose strawberry that is harvested near your house to make sure the freshness of the fruit. Clean all the fruit first before eating is a mandatory step.

Celery, cabbage, and lettuce

Celery, cabbage and lettuce is rich in vitamin and mineral. These vegetables are also low in calories. However, they can contain a lot of pesticide. So you better buy the organic version of these vegetables. Don’t forget to always clean the vegetables before you process it.

Milk and meat

Milk-producing cow is usually given growth hormone to stimulate the production of milk. Up to this time, there has not been any studies prove the detrimental effect of this growth hormone. However, it would be better to give your children, organic milk produced by cow that has not been given any hormone or antibiotics. The same thing applies to choosing meat.

Whatever the type of food you choose for your children, always clean the food before you process it. Give your children a wide variety of food to fulfill their nutrition needs and to make sure their optimal growth and development.