Making the Dentist Your Child’s Best Friend with the Following Steps

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 2 February 2024

Making the Dentist Your Child’s Best Friend with the Following Steps

Maintaining a good oral health is very important and need to begin from the early age. Make sure that your children brush their teeth twice a day, and a regular check-up to the dentist to make sure the health of their teeth and decay-free.

However, most children are afraid to go to the dentist. Even a lot of adults are afraid to go to the dentist, especially the look of the needle and the sound of teeth drilling. The fright of a dentist is so huge, that it would be better for some people to have toothache rather than going to the dentist. You need to know that bad oral hygiene is linked to cardiovascular disease, infection, stroke and even cancer.

Afraid of an appointment with dentist is normal among children. However, it does not mean that parents can just give up and let your children’s fright hindering a dentist appointment. Here are some steps to make sure your children get a regular teeth check-up with a dentist.

Start early

According to Judy Ann Taylor, D. D. S, a children dentist in Brooklyn, maintaining baby teeth is very important because the permanent teeth will replace the position where the baby teeth previously stay. Baby teeth decay lead to an increased risk of permanent teeth decay. The recommendation is to start children’s teeth consultation at one year of age. The sooner you get your children to the dentist, the easier they adapt. Regular teeth check-up should be performed once every 6 months.

Pediatric dentist

Ideally, you can bring your children to a pediatric dentist, where the staff is accustomed to dealing with children. The atmosphere is different and tend to be fun for your children. A pediatric dentist usually put distracting object like a doll, toys, children television program, and video game to divert the children’s attention, so they will not be afraid.

Perform a simulation previously

When playing with your child, perform a role play as dentist and patient. You can be the dentist, and your child as the patient. Use brushing teeth and mirror as the equipment. Avoid making drilling sound that will frighten your children. If your child is accustomed to playing this role play, hopefully it is not going to be difficult to bring your child to the dentist.

Avoid teeth consultation for adult

Bringing your child for a teeth examination for adult is not a good thing. You may have a good reason to bring your children to the dentist, and introduce the session as soon as possible, but an adult session can traumatize your children because the environment in an adult session is not friendly for children. The examination and procedure is too complex for your children to comprehend.

Stay clam if your child cry

Your child is afraid and cry during a session? It is okay and you don’t need to panic. Stay calm. Try to comfort your child and give reassurance. You do not need to feel ashamed because the dentist and his staff is accustomed to examining children.

Do not exaggerate

Let the doctor do his job and explain all the procedure. It would be better for you not to ask too many question during a session, especially during the first consultation. It made your children anxious for the next session.

Use positive words

Don’t use words that has the potential to frighten your children, like: ”being injected”, ”pain”, “sharp” etc. Tell your children that the dentist will find and eradicate the bacteria inside his mouth, so that their teeth remain healthy. 

Live healthily

Explain to your children that a dentist consultation is important, because they will examine their teeth, and make sure the teeth grow healthily , strong and decay-free.

So, how is it? Are you ready to bring your children for a dentist consultation for the first time? The key is to stay calm and positive, and your children will witness that there is nothing to be afraid of from a dentist consultation.