Games for Child Stimulation in Rainy Seasons

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 21 January 2020

Games for Child Stimulation in Rainy Seasons

It’s raining outside, it seems little one cannot play bicycle or gardening. Don’t be confused, Mom, there are many games that Mom and little one can still do in the room. Actually playing inside or outside the room, games still give stimulation to children’s development. But, playing inside the room while raining also strengthened parents' involvement in the games. Little one will feel accompanied by Dad and Mom's presence. What are the ideas of games that can be done inside the house? Here are the reviews.

1. Learn to identify colors

With one colorful game package, take little one to play identify colors. Classified the same colors and on the one place, then count the amount. According to research from Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, colors identify game since the age below 5 years can stimulate children in oral language because they use it as a learning tool and communicate with other people.

2. Learn how to write

Introducing little one with various alphabets and numbers is a fun thing to do. Mom can use other media besides pencil and paper, like colors pencil or Mom’s gadget. Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer, writers of The Well-Trained Mind said that learning alphabets since early age can stimulate children to enhance their writing skills when they go to school.

3. Take little one to cook a simple meal

On this rainy day, snacking Mom’s cooking will be delicious. But, this time, take little one to participate in the making process. No need to be the complicated meal, just the simple one like dumplings, bakwan, or marrow porridge will make little one happy. Beside producing the food, learning how to cook can stimulate little one motor skills. According to Journal of Public Health Nutritions dari Cambridge University, stated that eating homemade food makes little one consume healthier food. They know better about the ingredients that are made from the best choice of Mom.

4. Watching movies with family together

Quality time with family can Mom and little one get when it’s raining outside by watching TV together. According to American Academy of Pediatrics, watching TV together with family can increase interaction, conversation, and togetherness with family. Besides, Mom can also limit the channel that you will watch.

Besides the games above, there are various children’s stimulation games and can be done inside the house together with little one when the rainy season comes. But, if little one really wants to play outside, Mom can allow it once in a while to play in the rain. This activity can stimulate little one’s naturalist intelligence. Naturalist intelligence is a skill which children can recognize and classify things around them. So, little one will love the environment and the living things more. But, make sure while playing in the rain, little one is in good condition and limits the time.