Treatment at Home for Productive Cough of Your Little One

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 November 2017

Treatment at Home for Productive Cough of Your Little One

Cough and cold are often experienced by the Little One, especially when it is still under three years old. This is caused by the immune system which has not been matured so that it is easily used as a media for diseases such as common cold which is often caused by viral infection. 

Cough is one of the symptoms that arises as a result of airway inflammation. Productive cough is often caused by respiratory infections and asthma. A common cause of respiratory infection in infants is Respiratory Syncyntial Virus (RSV). 

What treatment can Mommy do when the Little One has productive cough? Apply the following ways: 

Make sure fluid intake is adequate

The Little One has not been able to expel sputum. One way to reduce productive cough in infants is to dilute the sputum in the airway. Adequate fluid intake will help the process of sputum dilution. If this is not met, the sputum will become thicker and harder to absorb.

Help with vapor

Does Mommy know that if the vapor from warm water really helps thinning the sputum of your Little One? Evaporation with the help of a machine (nebulizer) for productive cough caused by asthma can be done because a doctor will prescribe the drug to dilate airway to reduce the symptoms of cough.

Fever-relieving drug

For the Little One under 4 months old, the use of cold medicines is not recommended. When cough is accompanied by symptoms of fever, drug administration for fever (paracetamol) is also useful to reduce cough. This is because fever-relieving drug can also reduce inflammation that occurs along the airway.

Bring the Little One to see a doctor

If the productive cough does not heal, and the Little One even looks more difficult to breathe, weak, do not want to suckle, or appear bluish, take your Little One immediately to a doctor. Those symptoms have led to more severe respiratory infections such as pneumonia. Coughing is the body's natural response to remove foreign body from the airway, including sputum. This symptom should be handled properly. Do treatment at home to relieve your Little One's breathing. If symptoms worsen, take it immediately to the doctor for more extensive treatment.