Challenges at the Third Trimester of Pregnancy and How to Overcome Them

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 2 December 2019

Challenges at the Third Trimester of Pregnancy and How to Overcome Them

During the pregnancy, Mom will have various challenges and conditions. Those challenges and conditions are separated into three steps that are usually grouped into three trimesters.

At the first trimester, Mom’s body is adjusting with the hormonal changes and preparation to provide protection for the fetus. Then, at the second trimester, the fetus starts to form the body organs, five senses, and starts to feel the stimulation and sensation. At the end of the second trimester, the fetus is able to move around regularly. Usually, the fetus will move around and be active at night.

Like the first and second trimester, at the third trimester Mom will have a different challenge. Here are challenges that Mom usually has at the third trimester pregnancy.

Fetus Size Enlargement

Various pregnancy tips are really helpful for Mom especially at the third trimester. In this stage, the fetus size is getting bigger so it’s pressed vessels around the uterus. Compared to the previous pregnancy stages, this stage makes Mom feel more real sign of life.

Night time is an active time for the fetus while the fetus will rest in the morning till the afternoon. Therefore, Mom should be ready to have a sleeping disorder because of the movement. Beside the baby’s movement, the enlargement of Mom’s stomach is also becoming a disturbance. To resolve this, Mom can add more pillows under your lap when you sleep sideways so you can feel more comfortable. Beside that, Mom’s pajama should be made from light material and not hot because in this period Mom will feel hot in the stomach and chest area. Those are what Mom should do and prepare beside taking care of you mentally to keep calm and happy in welcoming your baby.

The fetus enlargement also makes Mom’s bladder pressed so Mom has frequent urination. It’s not just that, Mom’s back will feel pain a lot followed by pain in pelvis and hips. Those are because the womb and Mom’s body have weight gain. Those weight gain in the fetus and Mom’s body could often cause fatigue to Mom.

Preparing for birth

In the eighth or ninth month of pregnancy, Mom should get ready to welcome birth. While waiting, make sure Mom’s condition is always healthy and fit.

Beside that, Mom also should pay attention about the bra choices. It’ll be best if Mom uses a bra special for pregnant Moms that support the enlargement of the breasts so Mom doesn’t feel too tired. Beside the breast enlargement, in some Moms, the breast milk starts to come out in this third trimester.

Bleeding happens sometimes in this stage. The causes can be various, starting from a little placenta previa that grows in the cervix, loose placenta from cervix, and many possible serious problems. Mom should be cautious because this third trimester pregnancy is the period when premature birth might happen. If the bleeding occurs, check yourself immediately to the obstetrician.

Mild contractions also often happen, but there are differences with the real contraction. The real contraction can make Mom’s face turn red and run out of breath. So, if Mom experiences this, contact your obstetrician immediately to avoid something bad happening.