Know this when Mom’s pregnancy is entering the age of second and third trimester

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 17 December 2019

Know this when Mom’s pregnancy is entering the age of second and third trimester

Pregnancy journey isn’t always easy, it’s full of challenges and changes that happen to Mom’s body and life. But, congratulations! Mom is entering second trimester pregnancy and will go to the last phase of pregnancy which is the third trimester. In this step, there are some things that Mom should know related to fetus development. Here is the explanation below.

Second trimester fetus development

A 4 months fetus is able to move around and the baby’s hormones start to activate so it makes the baby react to the situation inside the uterus. Development in hands and feet parts followed by the growth of nails and fine hairs. This fine hair will be thicken at the age of 4 months.

In this second trimester, the five senses like eyes, nose, mouth, and ears start to form. The baby’s weight at the age of 4 months reached 45 gram and will gain to 160 gram. At the age 5 months, the placenta starts to form and the baby's digestive system grows too. The baby’s movement will be felt at the age of 6 months and able to change the position. To stimulate the baby’s growth inside the uterus, Mom can listen to soft music.

Third trimester fetus development

When the pregnancy is entering the third trimester that starts from the month of seven, Mom could do a check up to prepare for the birth of a little one. At this age there is an improvement in the nervous system that has begun to work and fetus fetal brain development.

Fetus physical development is also changing a lot. They are able to open and close their eyes, actively moving at night, more complete body organs, immune system starts functioning, and the weight has reached 2.3 kilograms. Ideally, the baby that is born at the age of nine months is because the baby has already achieved sufficient growth and is perfectly grown physically.

Interesting, right Mom? Look at what are the changes and development that Mom and little one have during the pregnancy. Enjoy these beautiful pregnancy moments, Mom.