Entering The Third Trimester of Pregnancy, Here’s What to Look for

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 17 December 2019

Entering The Third Trimester of Pregnancy, Here’s What to Look for

When the age of pregnancy is entering the third trimester which means is around 7 months towards delivery, Mom should be prepared physically and mentally towards it and take care of the pregnancy which is getting bigger. In this pregnancy period, Mom tends to have many complaints and endly lack of focus in taking care of the third trimester pregnancy. Actually, same with the previous trimester, pregnant Moms also need to do a treatment in this period so the baby can be delivered healthy.

In the third trimester, Mom experiences physical changes and hormonal changes. Besides Mom’s tummy getting bigger, Mom also experienced a pregnancy hormone production peak which is Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). This is the hormone that causes the changes of vagina fluids and Mom’s breast is tighter in order to get ready for breastfeeding.

Things that need to look for during third trimester of pregnancy

  • Monitor the fetus movement

Monitoring those is an important thing to do for detecting abnormality with Mom’s fetus. Generally, in the 28th week, fetus movement often happens for example kicking inside the uterus. Entering week 36th until delivery, usually the fetus activities will decrease, but Mom no need to worry because the movement will become slower along with the size of the fetus getting bigger.

  • Get ready to breastfeeding

This also needs to be watched out when pregnancy is at the third trimester. Start from now, try to find out about how to double breast milk production, how to save the breast milk, what are taboo for breastfeeding Mom and how to produce qualified breastmilk.

  • Packing for give birth goods

Though Mom’s due date is still far from the estimated date, it’s not wrong to pack all the goods that Mom will need in the hospital. So, when the time comes, Dad and Mom don’t need to be bothered by that.

  • Learns all about give birth

Mom needs to know about the steps of giving birth, how the process is, and various complications that might happen. Learn also how to overcome the pain when delivery either naturally or with the help of medicines.

  • Overcome the fear towards giving birth

Mom might be thinking about some of the worst possibilities that could happen to you, like can’t hold back the pain of giving birth, hard delivery process, or other worse things. That’s reasonable to have those thoughts cross Mom’s mind, especially for the first pregnancy. But, don’t let those thoughts keep haunt you and make Mom feel stressed. In order to overcome those fears, it’s suggested that Mom consult it with your obstetricians. Ask how to prevent those from happening. So, Mom will feel more relaxed.

Activities that Mom should do during third trimester

There are some activities that pregnant Moms need to do for giving birth preparation. Which are light exercise, learn the right breastfeeding technique, consume multiple iron, decide the delivery place, learn how to take care of a newborn, and of course prepare the best name for the little one.

If Mom is troubled with those preparations, don’t feel doubt to involve Dad in the preparation. Don’t let Mom feel stressed or even depressed when little one is born. Enjoy every process with a grateful heart so little one born healthy and safely.

With enjoying the third trimester pregnancy period, Mom can minimize the negative thoughts. Let’s live this precious pregnancy moment with a grateful heart. Stay healthy for Mom and little one in your tummy.