Don't let Cough Disturb Your Little One's Sleep

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 20 July 2023

Don't let Cough Disturb Your Little One's Sleep

Coughing is one of the symptoms of a disease that is often experienced by your Little One. According to data from the Indonesian Pediatric Association, the Little One between the ages of 6-23 months old is most susceptible to developing ARI (Acute Respiratory Infection/Upper Respiratory Tract Infection) which gives a cough manifestation. Mommy needs to understand that coughing is a symptom that protects the body. Coughing is the body's response to remove mucus or foreign objects from the lungs as well as a blocked air flow.

Coughing can occur at any time, including at night when your Little One is sleeping. This is often associated with allergic cough. Although most cases of the Little One’s cough are "self-limited disease" or can heal on their own, but if the cough often happens at night, it can disturb sleep quality. How to deal with it?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends not to use cold medicine that is sold freely to your Little One under 6 years of age. This is because its effectiveness has not been tested in the Little Ones, there is even a risk of dangerous side effects.

So, what can be done to deal with coughing when your Little One is asleep?

  • Increase water intake, especially warm water
  • Place a humidifier in the Little One’s bedroom to keep the air moist and reduce dryness in the airways and throat.
  • When your Little One is sleeping, raise the position of his/her head. This will make it easier for your Little One to breathe when the cough comes.
  • Give honey to your Little One. The American Academy of Pediatrics study in 2008 concluded that honey can relieve coughing in your Little One and is safer. Honey can be given to the Little Ones over the age of 1 year.
  • Give nutrients that contain alpha-lactalbumin, which is rich in amino acids that support brain function, such as tryptophan and cysteine. Provision of alpha-lactalbumin has been shown to improve sleep quality. Sleep quality of your Little One is an important factor in brain development. If your Little One is given alpha-lactalbumin nutrition, he / she will be prevented from the risk of brain function disorders.

To avoid the Little One from coughing, do the following healthy habits:

Consumption of Nutritious Foods

Take care of your Little One's health by meeting his/her nutritional needs. Serve a variety of foods so that he/she doesn't get bored and get the various vitamins and minerals needed.

Support your Little One’s immune system by providing nutrient-rich foods. Give nutrients that contain lactoferrin and nucleotides that can strengthen the immune system to fight diseases and infections. Nucleotides will strengthen the immune system and support the health of the digestive system. Healthy digestion will make absorption and distribution of nutrients run optimally so that your Little One has a good metabolism. Lactoferrin works on white blood cells to provide immunity. This means, if the needs are met, lactoferrin will prevent the Little One from experiencing more severe respiratory tract infections caused by viruses and bacteria.

Get Used to Wash Hands

Teach your Little Ones to wash their hands every time they are done doing an activity and before eating. Pease do remember, that it is not only the Little One who must do it. All family members are also required to do the same.

If the cough suffered by your Little One does not go away, immediately take him/her to the doctor for a proper examination and treatment.