Embed discipline early, Here’s how

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 6 January 2020

Embed discipline early, Here’s how

Making children obey and obedient is a tough task, Mom. Children below the age of 3 years are on the stage of looking for everything they want to do. Sometimes this curiosity they have made Mom interpret it to naughty, in the end a tweak, a pinch and a scold they accept. According to Child Development Specialist, Claire Lerner from Non-governmental organization, Zero to Three said that children below 3 years old just understand that all actions that they do can make something and it’s different when they were a baby. The problem is children still do not have self-control and not a rational thinker, that’s what makes educating a toddler is a challenging task.

Don’t worry Mom, there are some ways so little one can be disciplined and obey Mom's instructions.

  1. Always Consistent

    Mom should always schedule a little one to wake up in the morning, breakfast, playing, napping, dinner until bedtime. These recur routines will make little one get used with orderliness. Claire Lerner from Non-governmental organization, Zero to Three also confirms that consistency from those routines make little one feel safer and they will behave calmly because they’re already know what they have to do next.

  1. Understand little one’s mindset

    Little one often face difficulty understanding things that Mom underestimates. Sometimes just following Mom’s order, they can misinterpret. Claire Lerner from Non-governmental organization, Zero to Three continues that what Mom can do is respect them as a child who has feelings. No need to scold them or do something violence, just give them a chance to redo it.

  1. Create environment that suitable for their growth and development

    Mom sure wants little one to grow and develop well, right? Well, create an environment that surely is good for them. For example, avoid TV access, tablet, or Mom’s smartphone from their reach. It will be better to provide little one with fairytale books, motor skill toys, or other games they like. According to Rex Forehand, Heinz, and Rowena Ansbacher, Professor of psychology in University of Vermont, when little one doesn’t obey with Dad and Mom rule then they start to tantrum and cry, giving them other distraction. Little one is easily distracted, so distract them into activities that draw their attention.

  1. Don’t hesitate to give punishment

    If little one is outrageous and Mom already reprimands them a few times, Mom can give them punishment once in a while. Actually, giving punishment is necessary to show assertive attitude in educating a child. However, don’t give too much burden to little one. Just do it until it makes little one disciplined.

  1. Keep Calm

    When little one doesn’t want to listen and doesn’t want to be regulated, it will be better Mom doesn’t snap or scold them. According to Rex Forehand, a writer of book The Strong-Willed Child, said that scolding will just give a positive message that Mom wants to say to little one disappear. When little one catches negative aura from parents, they will see the emotion and won’t listen to whatever Mom said anymore.

As long as Mom keeps consistent making rules for little one, little one’s discipline will be well-formed. This character can be seen when little one grows up. So, be patient, because ways to educate children to be disciplined are not easy. Keep your spirit, Mom!