5 Tips of Little one successful first day of school

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 6 January 2020

5 Tips of Little one successful first day of school

First day of school is not always easy for the little one. New atmosphere, new environment, new friend, and all kinds of new things little one has experienced on his/her first day of school. Especially for little one who got to preschool or kindergarten. Usually Dad and Mom have to be ready, not just preparing little one school equipment but also his/her mental and emotional state. Many early-age children feel anxious, afraid, and fussy when they first go to school.

Here is where parents and family roles are needed to help little one’s confidence and braveness grow. Here are 5 tips that Dad and Mom could apply when little one go to school:

  1. Give a simple understanding about school
    Before little one really goes to school, it will be better for Mom to introduce first about school fundamental to little one. No need for heavy stuff, just tell little one that he/she will get a lot of new friends, sing songs together, and there will be a mother-like figure that will teach him/her about fun stuff.

    Even though it is not easy, at least giving little one a little understanding that school is not a place to fear about.

  1. Introduce little one to school activities
    Drawing, singing, leading a prayer, writing practice are some activities that little one will do at school. Previously, Mom could steal a start by introducing little one with those activities. If necessary, take little one to play the schools. Mom can pretend as a teacher and little one as a student. Therefore, little one won’t feel strange with teaching learning conditions.

  1. Drop off little one to school
    Spare time to drop off little one to school will increase his/her confidence. Showing love will have a positive effect on little one mental and emotionally on his/her first day at school.

  1. Communicate about how long Dad and Mom will wait for little one at school
    A moment after arriving at school, tell that Dad and Mom will just drop his/her off till the gate or in front of the class door. Or if the little one cannot be left alone yet, make an agreement about time limit of waiting, for example until the ring bells. After that, Dad and Mom could go without having to sneak around. Make sure little one sees Dad and Mom left and say goodbye. Although sometimes little one will cry when Dad and Mom left, leaving him/her alone quietly is risky because it makes little one doesn’t feel safe alone just by him/herself at school.

  1. Giving reward and praise
    Little one who already succeeds to have confidence and behave bravely at school is worth being given a reward and praise from Mom. The prize can be anything, such as give little one permission to eat an ice cream after school.

Growing confidence and bravery in little one at school isn’t an easy task to do. Parents involvement and early childhood education will become one supporting factor that cannot be underestimated. Because, little one success on the first day at school will affect and imprint in his/her memory till the future.