6 Tips to Nurture Your Little One in the Digital Era

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 July 2017

6 Tips to Nurture Your Little One in the Digital Era

It should be recognized that raising a child in the digital era requires extra effort rather than the old days. Development of the digital world indeed provide many benefits; among others you can get any information with ease. On one side, it may add insight and knowledge of your little one. However, parents should be aware that very much information, which is not filtered properly, will negatively influenced a child.

As the person closest to the little one, you certainly expect to accompany and guide him or her as best as you can. This is definitely a big challenge for you to nurture, to raise, as well as to prepare the future of your little one. So, what are the tips and tricks to nurture your little one in today’s digital era? Consider the following points:

Moms and dads are aware of their responsibilities

When talking about parenting style, mom’s role is often regarded as primary. Meanwhile, a father figure in nurturing a child is no less important. In this kind of era, moms and dads need to have the same vision, that is to be responsible to your little one’s physical, mind and faith health.

Agree on the purpose of parenting your little one

Formulate and agree on the purpose of parenting since your little one is born. The agreement should include the expected outcome of parenting, priority lessons to be given as well as the approach.

Become an example

Moms and dads must be able to become positive role models for your little one’s growth and development. You need to give positive examples in behaving to your little one.

Respond positively

If your little one is well behaved or if he or she has accomplished a task, do not hesitate to give positive appreciation. This would nourish his or her confidence. Conversely, if your little one behaves badly, give understanding that what he or she did was not a good thing.

You should also be able to talk nicely to your little one. Avoid lying to him or her, and always spare your time and mind to listen carefully to his or her chatter.

Accompany your child while using gadgets

Teach your little one that there is a specific time to use gadgets and there are limitations. You should first agree on the terms of gadget use at home. Limit the internet access to prevent him or her from getting improper information.

Limit the use of gadgets. Primary stimulation of children should be by doing interactive activities. Provide stimulation that are proper to your little one’s age for optimal development of his or her intelligence. Find lots of exciting play ideas in Morinaga Multiple Intelligence Play Plan to stimulate your little one’s intelligence. You may find not only creative ideas, but also guidelines in preparing the stimulation media.

Provide early religious education to your little one

It has been your obligation to introduce your little one to religion. Religious education should be planted as early as possible. You should be able to instill religious values so that your little one understands, feels the need and love to do religious activities.

Nurturing, in this digital era, puts more emphasis to shape a child’s personality or character. It covers all aspects such as intelligence, emotional, social, as well as spiritual development. As parents, of course you have to prepare your little one to be tougher in facing global competition. However, the school and the community also becomes the child’s role model in his or her developmental process.