Tips for Educating Children While Enjoying Holidays

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 2 February 2024

Tips for Educating Children While Enjoying Holidays

New year moment is closely related with gathering with family and even spending time to go on vacation. If Mom is one who likes to spend the new year holiday by going on vacation together, that’s great.

Family vacation will bring a positive impact for Dad, Mom and little one. Not just make your body and mind fresh, but also Mom can take advantage of this moment to educate little one with different approaches and more fun. Mom is curious about how the tips for holiday moments can be used to educate children at the same time? Here’re the reviews below.

Tips how to educate children while on vacation

  1. Plan a “surprise adventure”

    Mom has to decide the destination that can be used as a tool for little one to learn, for example train museum. While on vacation, Mom can explain things that relate with trains, like: Mom explains the meaning of conductor, how the train goes, the train stop, etc. Another alternative, Mom can take a little one to go to a temple or palace. In these two places, Mom can explain about the history of how the temple was built, the culture and customs.

    Tourism destinations above can be an alternative for holiday and add little one’s insight. With the wider insight, little one will be more confident because they know a lot than their friends.

  2. Try all the transportation model

    If Mom is going on an outside town trip or abroad, there must be transportations that becomes its trademark, like in Medan there is bentor, Jogja is becak or Thailand is tuktuk, Jakarta is MRT. Well, Mom can take little one to get on those transportation. Besides becoming a new experience for little one, Mom can take advantage of this moment as a place to learn. Mom can ask little one to elaborate the route traveled or how much time needed to round-trip using that transportation. No less important, this is also an opportunity so that little one can socialize with new people.

  3. Choose natural tourist destinations

    Not just spoiling eyes and enjoying the cool air, nature has a lot of benefits for little one. By traveling in nature, little one can get to know the types of trees and animals. This also helps to sharpen little one’s naturalist intelligence.

    If Mom chooses a destination to the beach, little one can feel the texture of the sand, enjoy the waves and can run here and there. This moment can increase their kinesthetic intelligence

  4. Choose a religious tourism destination

    Not only nature tourism, religious tourism can be a choice of destination for a vacation with little one. Nowadays there are many places of worship that have become tourist destinations, for example Central Java great Mosque in Semarang, Sam Poo Kong in Semarang, Uluwatu temple in Bali, Jamek Mosque in Kuala Lumpur and others. This religious tour can enhance spirituality and grow a sense of religious tolerance in little one.

Well that was a vacation that can be used at the same time to educate children. Mom can apply those tips during the new year holiday with your family later. It would be very unfortunate if vacation time was only used just for fun. If there are other benefits and for the sake of little one, why not?! Family vacation while educating children is like diving while drinking water.