5 Father Important Role to Child Growth and Development

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 3 January 2020

5 Father Important Role to Child Growth and Development

Mom who is pregnant, give birth, and breastfeed, it’s not a surprise if the little one is closer to Mom. This is a common thing that happens in a family. But, it doesn’t mean that Dad doesn’t have a role for the little one's growth and development. Method to educate a good child is there’s a balance between Dad and Mom. Dad and Mom have their own role for the little one. According to Ditta M. Oliker, PhD, in her research titled “Fathers and Their Impact on Children's Well-Being” said that a child that has his/her father involved tends to feel emotionally safer, confident, and has a better social connection.

Even though Dad is busy at work, it will be better to spend time playing with the little one. Because there are 5 Dad important roles in the little one's growth and development. What are those? Read it below.

  1. Increase the little one intelligence

    Sometimes, a father can be a little ridiculous, Mom. But from Dad, the tille one could learn how to be strong, not easily give up, and can do many things. According to a research Child Crisis Arizona, Dad’s role can enhance emotional intelligence and exploration, so the little one’s curiosity will get higher. Surely little one has a favorite game from Dad, right?

  1. Increase the little one confidence

    Knowing that Dad and Mom are always on his/her side is an emotional support that Dad and Mom can give to the little one. Therefore the little one knows how he/she is valued and loved. A research from Child Crisis Arizona proved that children with Dad involvement in parenting are more tolerant, can confront stress, no doubt in making decisions, and can defend themselves.

  1. Dad can give a different perspective

    The little one has various questions that he/she wants to ask Dad and Mom. While, Dad and Mom have your own different perspective in responding and answering the little one’s questions. This is what the little one needs to enrich his/her perspective and solve the problem that exists.

  1. The little one feel loved

    Dad who is always involved in every stage of children development can help them feel loved. That is why they tend to be compassionate, generous, and have high empathy.

    Dad's involvement in child growth and development is very important to the various aspects of the little one’s growth. Although Dad is busy, there are a lot of moments that could be used to take care of the little one. For example, Dad can change the little one diaper or feed him/her, take a bath together, or storytelling before bedtime.

    Remembering the role of Dad is very important for the children's growth and development, it will be best to make those bonds when they are still a baby so it will imprint later when they grow up. Take advantage of all the chances so the little one can always feel that Dad is always on his/her side.