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Tips for Children to be Studious

Morinaga Platinum - 24 January 2019

Moms, do you begin to run out of idea to get your children to be studious? Well, which children who like to study more than playing? If they can choose, they will want to spend their time to play. However, as a parent, Moms should foster the studious habit as early as possible. Explain to your children that every activity should have its own time. Set an agreement on their time to play and study. Tell them that if they break the agreement, there will be consequences for them.

Of course, getting them to learn should be done without force, as it will just make them to dislike the learning activity. This will make the children to be lazy to learn something. Well, Moms could apply the following tips for children to be studious:

Create a Convenient Learning Session

Learning session has no standard. Moms could turn on the music for a comfortable learning atmosphere for the children. Choose a light music that is not too noisy. Consider music that doesn’t contain too much lyrics to keep the children to stay focus. Adjust the volume. Or Moms could ask them, what kind of music that will make them comfortable to learn.

Limit the Use of TV and Internet

If you don’t have any advance agreement with your children regarding the screen time duration, you should set one. Limit their screen time to two hours a day. Distract their attention from the TV by reading a book or playing together. By doing these activities, the children’s brain will be stimulated better than watching TV.

Choose Educational Toys

It is undeniable that your children must be used to play electronic games using gadgets. Moms could assist them to play games that can develop their thinking ability, like puzzle or matching images games. So they will also learn while playing. Of course, this point is closely related to the agreement of limiting their screen time duration, Moms.

Get Enough Rest

Make sure that your children get enough sleep and rest. Schedule a napping time if needed. An adequate amount of rest will increase their learning concentration.

Provide Healthy Food

Other than stimulation, children’s brain development is also influenced by a proper nutrition. Eating vegetables and fruits is very important for their brain development. Moms could give them spinach and avocado that rich in folic acid, which are good for brain development. Both of them are also high in iron and energy so the children will not be getting tired easily.

How is it, Moms? It is not difficult to get your children to be studious, right?

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