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Teach the Children Discipline Through Fasting

Morinaga Platinum - 21 June 2016

Entering 4 years old, children are becoming smarter in expressing their selves and more independent than before. At this time, we can teach discipline to the children through fasting.

The fasting done during the month of Ramadhan is proved to give positive impacts to our health. Some studies say that by fasting, the body’s metabolism is slowing down to be efficient, the process of breaking glucose into energy is becoming better, preventing premature aging, increasing immune system, and reducing the inflammation that occurs in the body.

Even though fasting is not an obligation yet for the children, Moms could begin to introduce them to fasting early on. Besides very beneficial for health, this can also teach the children to be discipline, to worship, to learn Al-Quran, and to value time.

During the fasting month, children can begin to learn on how to wake up early for open fasting (sahur), do the early morning prayer and tadarus together with the other family members. Although it might be difficult for them at the beginning, but with patience and perseverance they will be able to do it.

By fasting, children will be taught to refrain themselves from hunger and thirst. They will learn that everything is there at the right time and requires effort to get it, so they will not grow as spoiled children.

However, it is advised that they learn how to fast gradually and do not to push themselves too much.  For starters, Moms could ask the children to fast for 3-4 hours a day. If they are used to it, fasting time can be increased. Do not forget to pay attention to their health condition, stop them from fasting if they started to get sick.

Moms could also invite them to participate in studying the Al-Quran at the mosque. Usually, studying the Al-Quran is participated by children at the same age as your children. This way, they will be more excited to fast.

So Moms, let’s teach your children discipline in a healthy and beneficial way.

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