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Honing Children’s Intelligence through Creative Games

Morinaga Platinum - 18 July 2023

Moms, you must be happy if your children grow with optimal intelligence, aren’t you? So, you must know that their intelligence can be honed during their golden age (0-5 years old) and can be obtained from various things, such as good nutrients, parental guidance, as well as creative games. Through creative games, almost all developmental aspects of the children can be stimulated, including their intelligence development.

Playing creatively is recommended for children at the pre-operational stage, which is between 2-7 years old. Well, the right person to accompany the children to play is of course you, Moms! What is creative game? Here are some examples of creative games according to its classification.

  1. Creation of an object which is identical to the game related to art skills. For example, ask them to paint something using their fingers, make a mask from a paper plate, or make an astronaut outfit from a cardboard box. Let them be creative. Thus, children’s imagination will be honed by making shapes and recognizing colors.
  2. Game of connecting stories, which is identical with social games. Moms could invite your child’s friends to play. Start the game by saying a sentence to open the story. Your children connect the story with their own sentence. Then their friends make the next sentence. This game can stimulate their creativity of thinking and accustoming them to socialize.
  3. Doing a role play, that is identical to social and imaginative games. You and your children can play roles such as doctor and patient, teacher and student, or seller and buyer. Moms should make this role play to be as exciting as possible. This game can develop the children’s ability to socialize, language, emotion, and cognitive skills.
  4. Game of creative movement, which is identical to explorative and energetic game. Moms need to stimulate the children to be creative in thinking and responding. For example, you turn a chair and move it like a horse, then ask your child to guess the name of the animal. Next, ask them to do the same as what you just did, but should be other than horse.
  5. Game of creative questions, which is identical to the puzzle game. Moms could create a puzzle from a cardboard that has a drawing on it, then cut the drawing into pieces with a certain pattern. Next, let the children to rearrange it.

As a mother, you play an important role in motivating the children to be creative. That’s why, respond well to each of their questions, give them a chance to do activity on their own initiative, and create a safe and comfortable playing atmosphere. Don’t be surprised by their unique and strange idea, instead this actually shows the development of their intelligence.

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