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Train Your Child to be More Confident

Morinaga Platinum - 19 June 2016

It is every parents’ dream to have a clever, sociable, and confident child. But, has your children have a confident personality?

Confidence does not just appear by itself but it needs to be shaped since at the early age and continues to develop until adulthood. Someone’s confidence is greatly influenced by the opinions and expectations of people around them. Because confidence is how people see themselves and how much they value themselves.

Children’s self confidence can develop well if they feel loved by the people around them and have a specific skill. These 2 elements should be balanced so that the children will have a good self-confidence.

As they get older, children will understand themselves more and begin to be able to make their own decisions about what they will do or want. And when they start school, they will know better about their strengths and weaknesses compared to their peers.

Self-confidence becomes the children’s weapon in facing various problems and challenges in the outside world. Children who have self-confidence would be able to handle the problems in their lives and tend to be a person who are optimistic, realistic, and positive thinking. But children with low confidence level will easily give up, stress, and be emotional in facing problems.

Moms and Dads’ role becomes very important in developing your children’s confidence since at the early age. If the children have become an unconfident person, it will be difficult to change. Here are some tips for Moms and Dads to bring up their self-confidence:

Become Their Role Model

Moms and Dads are the best role model for children. They will be a confident person if Moms and Dads show an optimistic and positive attitude. Teach them that every problem of life can be solved if we are calm and cool-headed.

Show That They are Cherished and Protected

Children’s self-confidence will grow if they feel that they are loved and protected by Moms and Dads. Always take the time to cheer them up and give them a warm hug. In case of conflict happens between Moms and Dads, avoid to fight in front of your children.

Do Not Scold Your Children

If they make mistakes, show and correct the mistakes with affection. Avoid shouting at and blaming them. Explain to them that what they did is wrong and say that you understand how they feel, and then give them the solution for the mistakes they did.

Always Be Careful with Your Words

In case your children fail in doing something, keep praising them for the effort they have put into. It is important to embed in their mind that what matters is not the result but the process that has been done. However, don’t over praise them so they won’t be growing to be an arrogant person.

Correct Their Wrong Understanding

Moms, sometimes your children would feel that they are incapable to accomplish something or tend to underestimate because they feel great. This improper understanding needs to be corrected by Moms and Dads by helping them to find out their own strengths and weaknesses.

Well, it is not that difficult to help your children to be a confident person, isn’t it?

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