Child Care

The Proper Stimulation for a Smart Kid

Morinaga Platinum - 3 July 2023

Each child has a different level of intelligence and this depends on the guidance given by the parents. Moms would absolutely want their children to have a good intelligence, wouldn’t you? To make them grow to be intelligent, Moms need to regularly provide them stimulation according to their age, so their brain will be working well.  What are the stimuli that need to be given? Let’s take a look at the following explanations!

Interact with Them Regularly

Encourage your child to communicate as often as possible. In order to communicate with them, Moms don’t have to wait until they can speak. Talk to them as early as possible, start with some compliments or jokes. The more intense you interact with them, they will gradually respond with some expressions.

Read Them Some Fairy Tales

Regularly reading them some fairy tale stories is a great way to stimulate the children’s intelligence as they are able to understand the values of the story. They can also catch some vocabularies which is good for their ability to speak.

Provide Them with the Right Nutrition

Moms, what is consumed by your children can actually affect their brain intelligence. At least, provide them with a complete nutrition in order to fulfill their needs. The fatty acids contained in omega 3 can also be the right choice as it can increase their concentration.

Intensify Their Curiosity

To train the children’s brain work, Moms should intensify their curiosity about something. One of the ways is to get them to do some explorations. The more they find new thing, their curiosity will also get higher. Moms should keep answering their questions so they won’t hesitate to ask.

Each parent has a different way of parenting, but some of the above steps can be done by Moms and Dads and of course with your own way. By doing so, children’s intelligence can develop early.

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