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Easy Ways for The Children to Learn Shapes and Colors

Morinaga Platinum - 14 September 2016

Children’s ability in recognizing shapes and colors will gradually develop as they get older. Therefore, it also takes Moms to be patient while regularly teaching them. At the age of 1.5 years old, children just begin to recognize the similarities and differences of shapes and colors. Just at the age of 3, then they begin to be able to understand and mention the shapes and colors. If the children aren’t listening to what you teach, do not worry, as they may not fully understand what you teach them yet.

Well, as a guide, Moms could implement some of the following methods to teach shapes and colors to the children.

  1. Invite them to take a look and familiarizing themselves with the objects around them, such as toys or some objects in the park. Mention the objects’ shapes and colors as they are looking at them. Moms should pronounce the name of the shapes and colors with a clear intonation, so your children could differentiate them well. Recognizing shapes and colors is just enough for children aged 1.5 years old. For example, the shape of a ball is different from the shape of a doll, or the color of flowers is different from the color of leaves.
  2. Next, get the children to play while observing the similarities of the shapes and colors of objects. Moms could hand them some colorful balls and ask them to group the colors by inserting the same colored balls into a basket. Moms could also take the children to the park and ask them to (for example) point an object that have the same color with leaves.
  3. At the next step, for a 3-year old child, ask them look at a random object and name the color. For example, name the color of a trunk is chocolate. Moms could also ask them to name the objects’ color that both of you are seeing around.

Introducing shapes and colors since early childhood is a process that should be gradually and regularly done. Moms should do this with both patience and love. You don’t have to spare a separate session in order to teach your children about shapes and colors, instead, do this whenever you can. For example, introduce the color of the object that they are holding at the moment, ask the name of the color of their clothes, or sing a song that have shapes and colors in it. However, make sure that this learning activity does not stress them out, so it needs to be done while playing and in a relaxed state.

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