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Recognizing the Types of Multiple Intelligences

Morinaga Platinum - 6 December 2019

Every child has strengths and weaknesses. Children with many abilities are usually called as multitalented children. Presented by a psychologist from the United States, Howard Gardner Ph. D whom proposed the concept of Multiple Intelligences. The different types of intelligence are intended so that children are not judged solely based on their IQ, but from other factors as well. This can help children to develop their talent in other fields.


Well, parents’ role are highly demanded in developing the children’s talent. Here are some concepts of intelligence:

  1. Linguistic Intelligence, the characteristics are:
  • Give attention to the person who is speaking
  • Like to learn new words
  • Like to tell stories
  • Like to read books
  • Often give instruction to others


  1. Logical-Mathematical Intelligence, the characteristics are:
  • Like Math lessons
  • Remember numbers easily
  • Enjoy experimental activities related to science
  • Have a lot of questions about how things can work
  • Like strategical games


  1. Spatial Intelligence, the characteristics are:
  • Prefer drawing activities rather than storytelling
  • Easy to recognize new places
  • Easier to read pictures that text or letters
  • Like games with 3-dimensional buildings


  1. Bodily-Kinesthetic Intelligence, the characteristics are:
  • Easy to learn bicycle, skate, and sports
  • Use a lot of body language when talking to others
  • Do a lot of physical activities without feeling tired
  • Easy to mimic other people’s movements
  • Always active


  1. Musical Intelligence, the characteristics are:
  • Like to play musical instruments
  • Like to listen to music
  • Love to sing
  • Like to remember melodies


  1. Interpersonal Intelligence, the characteristics are:
  • Like to do activities and games with other children
  • Give advice to friends who are having problems
  • Able to put themselves in other people’s shoes
  • Able to lead their friends


  1. Intrapersonal Intelligence, the characteristics are:
  • Often need a quiet place to do their activities
  • Like to collect items that are meaningful to them
  • Keep their dream in mind
  • Have a strong will and independent
  • Able to measure their strengths and weaknesses


  1. Naturalist Intelligence, the characteristics are:
  • Enjoy collecting insects, flowers, and stones
  • Delighted to investigate what they find in the nature
  • Like to observe the natural phenomena
  • Like to learn something from the nature


So, from the eight characteristics of multiple intelligences above, which one do you think fits your children?

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