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How to Make a Fun Learning Activity for Children

Morinaga Platinum - 24 January 2019

Nowadays, family members tend to be busy with their daily activities. Parents are busy with their work and children also have their own activities, such as school. Result of a study reported by Daily Mail UK showed that the average time spent together by family members is only 8 hours a week and only 36 minutes a day. However, their awareness level to spend time together is also increasing.

When the bustle is at its peak, Moms should remember that we have to spend some quality time with the family members. It doesn’t need to take long, because the quality of the activity spent together is more important. In order to support the children’s development process to be optimum, Moms could do the following activities. You could also adjust the time according to the family agenda as it can be done anytime.


Reading your children a story book before bed is strongly recommended to establish emotional closeness and increase the children’s vocabulary. Moms could add some information that still relate to the storyline. For example, when reading the Sleeping Princess fairytale, Moms could add some information about the British Knight. Children will be encouraged to ask questions, resulting in a fun two- way conversation.

Strolling at the Park

Learning can also be done at other places. Before you go to work and start your activity, go to the park with your children. Mention some parts of the plants such as leaves, flowers, and branches. Look up to the sky to watch the clouds and ask them to imagine what kind of animals that the clouds look like.

Sing a Song

When getting ready in the morning, you could sing a song. Music is a fun learning tools. Use your creativity, change the lyric of popular songs with some words that can boost the children’s knowledge.

Play Electronic Games

Nothing’s wrong with playing games with your children, but Moms have to choose the games to be played. For example, you could choose games that require the children to match images. Explain the rules first, limit the time of playing electronic games. Make an agreement with your children.

Making your children’s learning process to be fun is not difficult. It takes just a little creativity and the willingness to spend your time with them. Have fun!

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