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Guides in Providing Weaning Food

Morinaga Platinum - 19 July 2023

Breast milk is indeed a mandatory menu for babies, Moms. However, when they reach the age of 6 months, Moms need to provide them with weaning food a.k.a. the breast milk companion, because during this age the children’s immune system and digestive system have a lower risk of allergy compared to when they were younger. Not only that, children usually show some signs when they are ready to receive the weaning food, like they are able to sit, grasp and start to show interest to food.

Even so, Moms are not allowed to give them any food you like. You should adjust the food by paying attention to their age as well. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are several guides in providing weaning food. Let’s check them out!

Feeding Frequency

Apparently, when giving weaning food to the children, Moms should adjust it according to their age. When they turn 6 months, feeding them twice a day is enough, as their eating frequency will increase as they get older. Not only that, Moms could also feed them snacks in between their heavy meals

Serving Portion

As their stomach size is small, Moms need to adjust the weaning food portion according to their age as well. At the beginning of providing weaning food, Moms could just give them 2-3 portions of tablespoon. After that, you can add the portion according to their capability.

Food Texture

Although babies are allowed to eat weaning food, Moms still need to give it to them gradually. You should start with a soft-textured meal like porridge. The food texture can also change as they grow older. Usually at the age of 12 months, children are able to eat the same meal as eaten by the family.

Food Ingredients

At the beginning of giving weaning food, it is advised that Moms give only one type of food. And when they are mature enough, Moms may give them a more varied food. However, make sure that you avoid food that contain complex ingredients, MSG, salt, and other unhealthy ingredients.

Feeding the Food

In addition to paying attention to the food ingredients, Moms should also pay attention to the process of feeding them. Feed them attentively and avoid forcing them if they don’t want to eat, as the meal time is a good time to establish communication with your children.

Food Hygiene

Last but not least is to make sure the cleanliness of the food. Starting from the ingredients, food container, to the cleanliness of their hands, Moms should take extra attention to this. By doing that, children could be avoided from bacteria or germs.

Let’s make sure that your child’s meal is safe to eat, so that they will grow normally and could have fun activities ahead.

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