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Tips To Fix Differences in Parenting Between Couples.

Morinaga Platinum - 23 January 2019

Family is children’s first school. Parenting is a form of interaction between children and parents during the parenting activities itself. Parents’ responsibilities are to educate, guide, and protect the children to grow well. It is undeniable that character differences between men and women will affect the relationship with the children, one of which is the parenting concept.

Moms and Dads could have different concept of parenting – which can often lead to conflict. The differences of husband and wife’s way of parenting are normal. However, it doesn’t mean that you both could argue in front of the children. Hold your arguments when being near to your children.

What is it that causes the parenting differences between couples? Check out the following points:

  • Different perceptions in viewing a problem. Usually influenced by the educational background and experience encountered by each party.
  • Differences in parenting method from each family. This affects the way each party sees problems, thinks, and makes decisions.
  • Family and friends overly interfere.

But Moms doesn’t need to worry. Moms could overcome the differences in parenting by doing the following ways:

  • Moms and Dads sit together and discuss each of your parenting concepts. Understand the positive value.
  • If there is a huge difference, discuss it thoroughly right away to solve the problem.
  • In case differences often culminate in conflict, Moms might try to consult with the experts or with people who have experienced the problem.
  • If Dads expresses an opinion related to the children’s attitude which you don’t agree with, do not respond right in front of your children. It will make them confused about whom they should hear.

Moms and Dads could combine the parenting methods. The key is to first solve the differences and followed by an agreement. If both differences are well implemented, it will impact positively towards the children’s development.

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