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Development Guide for Babies Aged 7-9 Months

Morinaga Platinum - 3 July 2023

7-9 months is the age of babies that full of precious moments which Moms should pay attention to and not miss, because at this age Moms could monitor their health more thoroughly to know whether or not their growth is normal, healthy and proportional. Check out the following tips, Moms.

The Age of 7 Months

Babies’ activities during this age must be quite troublesome for Moms as they are able to do their activities independently. Besides seeing them kicking, grasping, and lifting their head, Moms would also see them starting to crawl to the places that interest them. Therefore, it is mandatory that Moms always accompany and monitor them to prevent any unwanted things from happening. Moms should keep any dangerous sharp objects from their reach, such as the tip of the table, glassware, and other objects that can accidentally hurt the babies.

The Age of 8 Months

Babies at this age are able to stand by clinging to the edge of objects that they can reach, such as a low bench or table. They will fall and cry a lot, but they will keep trying to stand and repeat the same thing. Don’t worry, Moms, this is a very natural thing during this age. You just need to watch them over so their head won’t get knocked when they fall as it can lead to brain function injury.

The Age of 9 Months

Upon entering the age of 9 months, babies are usually able to stand on their own but yet their tiny legs aren’t strong enough to support their body completely. Normal babies will try to stand on their own for a longer time. Moreover, their emotional development also begins to grow. They begin to see things clearly, recognize their surroundings, and can also respond or react when meeting strangers.

Well, so that is the picture of babies’ development in general at the age of 7-9 months. If Moms notice any strange development stage, then you better consult a pediatrician.

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