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Development Guide for Babies Aged 4-6 Months

Morinaga Platinum - 19 July 2023

Entering the age of 4 months old, babies will look more sturdy and able to move various body muscles from hands, neck, to the upper part of their body. Babies will also start to give surprises for the Moms during their 4-6 months old. So, how does a normal growth of a 4-6 months old baby look like? And what kind of surprises will they give to you? Check out the following explanation, Moms.

The Age of 4 Months

Babies start to give reaction to what they see. Moms could see whether they like or dislike something through their expression. They are also starting to interact through their face expression, voice or body movement. They start to learn on how the people around them communicate.

Sometimes during this age, babies also look like they are trying to initiate a conversation with their parents, such as babbling as if they are telling a story. Their eyes begin to be able to recognize this colored world. They even will react if Moms try to snatch the toy from their hands!

The Age of 5 Months

At this age, babies are able to consume breast milk very quickly and edaciously when they are hungry. They also begin to be sensitive to something disturbing around them, started to laugh a lot when playing with the parents, and even respond to the parents by chattering adorably as a sign that they are happy. Babies will also start to learn on how to sit by tugging at their parents’ hands to help them lifting their head.

The Age of 6 Months

At the age of 6 months old, babies start to be able to distinguish faces. They begin to recognize their parents’ faces that often play with them. In fact, babies can also show a certain expression to strangers whom they have never met before, such as happy or fear.

So, how is their development during the age of 6-9 months? Find out more in the next article, Moms.

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