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The Cause and Tips to Overcome Child Difficulties to Eat

Morinaga Platinum - 3 July 2023

Are Moms in the situation when the child doesn’t want to eat? It turns out, almost all parents in the world facing the same situation. Although this is a normal problem, nonetheless it makes parents stressed out and worried when your Little One refuse to eat anything that parents gave them. It will be better if parents understand what are the causes and learn how to handle it well.


Understand what makes the child difficult to eat

Food intake becomes the main source of nutrition so your Little One growth and development could be optimal, but how Moms got to do when your Little One refuse to eat? The fact is there are many parents facing the same condition. In fact, according to a survey by YouGov Company in England, there are 1 to 4 parents gave up when facing child with difficulties to eat.


Parent that facing this problem admitted that they feel stressed out and frustrated. What are the reasons that make the little on refuse foods that parents gave? If we look at the causes, it turns out we could found so many factors, which are:


  • Doesn’t like the texture or the color of the food.
  • Picky, so that makes your Little One only eats certain foods and refuse other than that.
  • Refuse when introduced to new food.
  • Get bored with food that served all this time.
  • Eats only if using specific fork, spoon, or plate.


These things could make your Little One chooses not to eat, and sometimes it could happen for several days. If it’s just 1 to 2 days, parents still calm, but if it’s on day three, parents start to worry.


Tips to overcome child with eating difficulties


Facing this situation is not easy, because if parents forced your Little One to eat, there is a risk that your Little One will traumatized. your Little One won’t eat in the future and it gives risk of nutrition deficiency even getting sick. And then, just letting that condition happen is not the right thing to do. These are the following tips that parents could try:


1. Patient and Keep serving the food

Forcing your Little One to eat is a mistake, it just make them traumatized and refuse to eat for a long term and it’s dangerous. Just be patient because your Little One will eat by themselves when they feel hungry. Although your Little One refuse the food that had already been served, just keep it serve regularly so when your Little One hungry, they could eat it straight.


2. Involve your Little One in cooking and eating together

Facing your Little One eating problem should make them get used to be involved in the process of making the food. Start from the food that your Little One wants and take them to cook in the kitchen. Don’t forget to having meals together, so if your Little One see their parents eat, they will take interest too.


3. Serving an appealing food

Be creative with the food also could be the right solution to do. When the food looks interesting on the plate, usually could arouse your Little One’s appetite. Moms could learn how to serve food creatively, for example making Japanese food like bento, a decorative lunch box for your Little One.


4. Keep introduce the new menu

When your Little One refuse certain food because they like other food, or refuse the new food, then try to keep introducing new menus. Start to combine between new menu and old menu, then ask to eat together. Slowly but sure your Little One will interested to try it.


5. Making meal time more fun

Meal time should be the playing time too for your Little One, than make the mealtime atmosphere more fun. For example, telling the stories or giving the food while watching your Little One’s favorite movie.


6. Limit your Little One drink amount Batasi Jumlah Minum Si Kecil

It’s important to limit your Little One drink amount, so that your Little One chooses to eat. Avoid giving drinking water, milk, even fruit juice approaching dinner time. The purpose is to make your Little One hungry and interested to eat by themselves.


When the child hard to eat, Moms could try to apply some of the tips above to resolve it. It’s recommended  to keep give another intake, like Morinaga milk. With A nutritional synergy of Multi Talent Intelligence, Double Body Immunity, and Optimal Growth Factor created by advanced innovations to support your Little One to be a Multi Talented Platinum Generation.

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