The Benefit of Knowing Your Little One’s Intelligence

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 1 August 2017

The Benefit of Knowing Your Little One’s Intelligence

A clever child is the dream of every parents. However, most people misunderstand the definition of intelligence and talent. Both of these terms have different definition. Daddy and Mommy need to know the difference between the two terms, in order to recognize your little one’s ability since his early age. Knowing the potential of your little one can help parents develop his ability.

Intelligence is self-capacity to solve a problem. Generally, intelligence is linked with IQ and the ability of reading, writing, and counting. Talent is the ability of an individual in certain field, for example dancing or singing

According to a study performed by Howard Gardner, a psychologist and education expert from Harvard University, there are many different kind of intelligence in every child. He divided the diverse human aspect into 8 basic intelligence. Here is the detail explanation, so you can help your little one to develop optimally:

Linguistic intelligence

The ability to use and process words effectively both verbally and written words. Children with this ability will be prominent in playing with words, creating story and poem, creating speech, and like to be involve in discussion and debate.

Logic- Mathematic intelligence

This ability is linked with the use of number and logic to comprehend different pattern that happens in life. That pattern includes thinking pattern, number pattern, visual pattern, color pattern etc. Children with the ability in this field can solve problem, like to play puzzle and riddle, like to experiment and have the ability to analyze others.

Visual spatial intelligence

This type of ability is linked with shape, picture, pattern, color, design and texture that are visible to the eyes. Children with this type of ability are good in drawing, making sculpture from clay, good in reading map, imagining spatial structure and things visualization.

Kinesthetic intelligence

Children with this ability generally good in activity that use body movement to express idea and feeling, like dancing, riding a bike, maintaining body balance etc.

Interpersonal intelligence

Interpersonal intelligence is the ability to maintain relationship with others, especially friends. Your children are able to communicate effectively, has social ability, has a lot of friends, and like to work in a team.

Intrapersonal intelligence

The ability about self-knowledge and the ability to adapt based on experience and the ability to reflect. They are easy to concentrate, like to work alone and quite people.

Natural intelligence

Your children have high interest and appreciate everything about nature, like plant, animal, environment, climate etc.

Musical intelligence

This type of intelligence emphasizes on the ability to recognize melody, vibration, sounds and beat.

The effective way to optimize your little one’s development is to give the right stimulation. That’s why every intelligence or ability need to be introduced as soon as possible. The more stimulation that is given to your little one, the bigger the chance for your child to develop prominent intelligence. Do not need to be confuse about the type of stimulation for your little one, you can access many kinds of interesting idea for intelligence stimulation in Morinaga MI Play Plan, so that the stimulation is not only appropriate according to your little one’s ability but also his age.