List of Educational Tourism for Holiday Visit

Morinaga Platinum ♦ 21 January 2020

List of Educational Tourism for Holiday Visit

Holidays are here, it’s time to spend time with family and educate the children by visiting educational tourism that is good for them. Educational tourism isn’t just present various forms of entertainment, but also various knowledge for children. A lot of science and social knowledge that they can get from everything that is shown to them. Children always love to play and try new things. That’s why visiting educational tourism when holiday is recommended especially for little one.

Here are some lists of places that Mom can visit to educate children while on vacation. Check out the review.

  1. Historical Tourism

    According to a research from Smithsonian Early Enrichment Center (SEEC), historical tourism can help children explore new things, give information, and give children a lot of chances to find many interesting and wondrous things. Educating children by taking them to historical places will help them to take initiative to explore another field.

    Besides, Mom also can teach little one about Indonesian Culture. Such as when Mom takes them to a temple. Don’t forget to tell them the background story of how the temple was built and the meaning of the relief that was shown on the temple.

  2. Library

    Reading is a world window, and one place where there are so many books is the library. Let little one explore various knowledge in the library because it’s good for them to become smarter. Research from Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience said that reading can help brain development, especially in the first five years of children's life. When Mom reads a story to a little one, literally the brain cells are active and connection between other cells is strengthened and other connections are made. Children will be easier to learn and accept new things.

  3. Museum

    Take little one to visit the museums. There are Wayang Museum, Postal Museum, National Museum, Indonesia Bank Museum, and many more. Little one can learn many things inside the museum. According to Sarah Choi, Museum Zimmer Children Education Manager said that museums can educate children in exploring new things around them. Through interactive exhibitions, children can develop their curiosity. This can stimulate them in creativity, critical thinking, and social skills.

  4. Zoo

    Introduce little one to biodiversity and various types of animals by visiting the zoo. Little one can see animals directly which they can’t easily find around them like elephant, giraffe, tiger and lion. In the zoo, children also can interact with the animals, learn how to love them, and help children learn about new environments. On the other hand, their motor skills also trained because little one will keep walking to explore the zoo.

The years of children should be filled with fun activities. Educational tourism while on vacation can be a fun way. If it’s possible, plan the vacation regularly, the memories of family vacation will bring a lot of stories that they can memorize in their little memory. Happy holiday, Mom!